Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Candy Candy

Terrible lyrics, but so catchy it hurts. I found this off the [] blog. I really enjoy the blog a lot, just wish they would update more. Check it

1:13 to 1:16 dance.
chewing chewing chewing-chewing-chewing

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Neat sign

Saw this in Shoprite... really angry
I guess assorted wouldnt work?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Carmel Sea Salt Donut


Joels Birthday

Honestly I felt I had more fun than everyone. Im a recluse, so when I go anywhere and have a good time, its on a different level. The party was in Killadelphia at Spencer and Colleens apt. I wasnt going to drive so I got a ride with Joels sister. For some reason these are the only pictures I have, I dont know what happened to them.
*pictures by: Brooke Parsons*

711 I get it

every sandwich is made with the cracked wheat bread. Wheat bread I dont mind, I just dont like nuts in my bread. Theyre trying to be healthy, I get it, but every sandwich? grosstown

Parker Bohn 3rd [Arcade]

First I want to say, Necessary lightning. He did the voice over for the game and he appeared in Kingpin with Woody Harrelson for a brief scene.
wish the change machine wasnt in the way of the side graphic.

Kimmi Gibbler

Not really an audiobook...but still

I guess the wedding song cassette is supposed to be a gift to a married couple... hands down a terrible gift to give someone.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rad Robot 2.0

saw this at goodwill... thought this was from the early 90s, but the video shows it came out in 99...Inventors thought that the consumers really wanted robots to bring them sodas...

Screener VHS

these movies suck so bad, but they both have really awesome trailers at the beginning. Super Force has a preview for the Back To The Future cartoon and No Place To Hide has this movie called Street Knight. That is the ONLY thing that rules about these, besides all the facts about Drew Barrymores selling power. Like this:

"Poison Ivy" with Drew Barrymore earned 156% return on investment

Leak/Poison Ivy

6 Leaks, turned the water on last week. This leak was brutal and hard to find. It was in the weeds right near a drainage swale.
had to clear out all the weeds to work on it... painafter finished, I got poison ivy really bad. thats all.. who cares

Stylin Dad Shirt

The Ultimate Bike Path [Mike Sirota]

Excited to read this. I read the back and the introduction... most def got my attention. The reviews of the book seem more negative than positive.
I hope this book is "Cheerfully gonzo!"

Cyclevision VHS [San Francisco/Yellowstone]

Pretty excited about these VHS tapes. Im really interested to see the route they take, the area at that time and the scenery. I think Im gonna try these... or just watch them during lunch at work.
superimposed graphics and on-screen riding companions... stoked
steaming geyser basin
steep city streets and Fishermans wharf

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Repost from 2008

still rules
thanks again brett


walking the dog around the school and saw this in one of the windows
I wonder what happened for this sign to be posted.

Aeration 4/09 - 4/10 2012

We finished today, thank the heavens. This is a billboard sign we were given to use as a tarp to cover the top dressing.
This is the 10th hole, a hydraulic line blew on my machine so I was down and out for about 30 mins.
On the back 9 we were only able to get a plug at 3.5 inches. Any deeper it would pull up the green and fuck it up. Our greens root system equal trash
this is a core harvester, it runs along the green and picks up all the cores left behind from my machine.
12th hole
*click picture to enlarge*
Couldnt take much pictures, really really busy all day... well bite me.


This cake is the best cake ive had in a really long time. Moist, real slices of apple and a crumble topping.
yam yam in my tam tomb

Absecon style


Sharon Zheng Buffet 2 *CLOSED*

Well it finally happened, closed. This place went from a 10.45$ buffet to a 14.75$ buffet. They got greedy and the excuses were bullshit. They would say " we have to charge extra for crab legs and shrimp ".
Had a lot of goodtimes and memories, we ate here before we got jumped by 30 guys, endless nights of just talking in the parking lot, eating the walnut shrimp, getting free food one night when they were closing and getting the worst service when wanting a drink refill. But seriously, how can you go from 10.45$ to 14.75$ when the product doesnt change and blame it on the product cost? Goodbye trash establishment
party room
I put that sticker there in 2002 and in 2012, its still there..