Sunday, July 3, 2016

Visibility - Alaska @The Shed Music Store

Hospital Act 2

My heart went in to A-fib again. This time they wanted to check a lot of shit. I got a heart catheterization. extremely scary. they still dont know whats causing the a-fib. High blood pressure low potassium, thats all they found, my blood work was amazing. Melissa was at the hospital with me for everyday I was there, she called out of work and made sure all of my needs were taken care of. Her fighting for me her helping me just being so supportive and non stop was awe inspiring. Honestly, I dont know if I would have made it without her. Ill post more later

Its Offical [July 2nd]

I asked Melissa to Marry me. Im not sure anyone reading this will care but I want everyone to know I found the one I cant live without. I just cant wait to spend the rest of my life with her. I think of things I want to do with her, places I want to go with her, experiences I want to experience with her and it just excites me.
We both agree that we're both "one and done". I am dedicated and committed in this and to this relationship.
Everyday she makes me feel loved and wanted. She builds me up and is my rock when Im at my lowest.
 We are perfect together, our flaws arent seen as negatives but what makes us unique.
 Im just so happy she said yes.
I love how open and free she is. She allows me to see the real her, the weird and emotional and I love it all.
If people think I moved to fast, they're wrong, Im not interested in waiting, I want her to know Im serious, Im commited, I love her and Im not going anywhere
 We have no plans set or anything on the marriage day but we're both excited and extremely happy
 So theres nothing left to say except shes my everything and my future and Im the luckiest man to have someone who loves me as much and as strong as she does.

Lunch [protect your eyes]

S'more Nights

Hi Bitch

Early Christmas Ornament

Best purchase on the Wildwood boardwalk in my 34 years of life on planet earth.

We Does Arts

Melissa and I spent a day chillen at her apartment, doing some art thangs.
I really like how this came out

RCA Camcorder Suitcase

Traveling to visit my babe, just throwing things in a plastic bag everytime, I realized I needed a suitcase. I had two old VHS Camcorder cases that I was going to throw out. I ripped the insides out of one and it was perfect for what I needed.
 Thank the heavens for my love of the VHS format.

Got a new Job [more updates and pictures later]