Monday, October 21, 2013


she is a most choice singer/songwriter

been listening a lot recently

John Goodman SNL 1999

Tracy Morgan SNL

Watched some old snl this weekend... Tracy morgan, late 90s was unstoppable 

Tommy Hilfiger
Timberland boots
For Us By You
 He kept saying " Word Up, Im the lead singer from Cameo, Word Up"
Is that Levar Burton?

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Nephew Hang Batsto

Batsto is having some huge event tomorrow called the Country Living Fair, they were preparing for it today. The blacksmith was making things and giving lessons, it was pretty neat.
 it was pretty packed with people, got this lake pic
 nice menu.

Shore Mall Demolition [End]

The mall is destroyed but the tiles still remain. I saw these today when I stopped by, had to take a picture. This would be looking towards "Value City".
this is the "Food Fest" area with capri and china pub, taken from where "Deb" used to be.

VHS Purchase

it was 5 for 1$, saw this one, Im interested

If its the talk of Branson, its gotta be good!

Hair Today No Glasses Tomorrow

BF3 Loser

worthless information
who cares

Thursday, October 10, 2013

New Boom For Sprayer

Did this today in 3 hours, kinda surprised we did this that fast with 3 people.
 took off old boom, put on new mounting frame
 got the two side booms ready
put em on

everything went smooth and was pretty easy.

Lily Cole

The imaginarium of dr parnassus was on TV the other day, never had any desire to see it. I watched a little of it. Wasnt great, wasnt bad, she was in it.

Kali Kazoo Record

Got it
green vinyl/out of 500
listen and buy copy here
Kali Kazoo - "Clem" live @ The Void in San Diego from Kali Fontecchio on Vimeo.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Kimmi Gibbler... Zonked

Clearance Masks

" Does The Boogie Man Really Exist?
Well, Is Your Mother A Bald-Headed Freak Bitch? Yes"

Paid Loan Off Early

take a hike bozo

Why is Kim Basingers name framed on the back of the Batman VHS?

I used to love this movie as a kid, the one thing I didnt like was all her screams, they really annoyed me. I was looking at the back of the VHS today and saw her name circled. I have no idea why. I did some searching and found nothing
I did find out that she did an album with Prince when the movie came out
not sure if I should download it or not... its gotta be terrible... that means I have to get it, right?


Got a hamburger called a "Sloppy Johnny"
Bacon, Cheddar and Chili.... Really good, The chili is amazing. Check them out!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cig Neutron

Shore Mall After Demolition 1:17 [Watch in HD]

I was taking pictures this day too, at 1:17 you can see me in the backround walking into the door, hard to see if not in HD, pretty cool video

...In bed with Al-Qaeda

Saturday he was in front of the Absecon Wawa... not sure what this is about, not really interested.

Sweet Baby Ray's Wing Sauce

bought it, gonna try it, I'll keep you posted... its gotta be good, right?

Belated B-day Gifts

Rules...ticket to the premier of the movie.
promo pin
thank you again Shannon and Spencer