Monday, August 15, 2016

JUMPERCABLE EP2 EP3 [Up for free on Bandcamp]

Not sure if anyone cares, these are the last two things we recorded. EP2 was recorded at Claycreek Studios, was supposed to be a split 7inch with Hoodratz on MonkeyWrenchRecords and EP3 was recorded at Arts house after we broke up, just so we'd have the last songs we wrote recorded. Enjoy

Jumpercable in studio from JUMPERCABLE on Myspace.

Saturday, August 13, 2016


our time together, even when we do nothing, it means everything. cant wait till our forever together.

Timeline Arcade [Hanover PA]

Melissa was playing in Hanover PA. What I normally do when she has a show is search the area to see if theres anything neat or gnarly around the places shes playing. I found this place called Timeline Arcade 10 mins away from her show.
parked along the building and went inside. Its pretty neat. Its $10 per hour and there is a huge selection of games to play. This Nick Arcade cabinet was pretty awesome 
There was an autograph of Phil Moore, strong feeling it was fake. The game was Sonic 2.
Ive never even heard of this game.
Big selection of pinball games.
Games I struggled with when I was a kid were fun to replay now that I understand the concept. Like stepping on the clutch to start the car in Hard Drivin.
Or not paddling in circles on Toobin
They have a gaming area too with every home entertainment system and I mean every one. NES, Super NES, Playstation 1 2 3 4, Xbox Xbox360 Xbox One, Atari, Genesis,  etc etc.
Im glad we went and tried it out. My issue with not putting quarters in is that I lose interest in the game. The challenge for me is lost without the fear of losing that money.

Burnt Beuna

Doritos [1984 Packaging]

Found this while I was walking Kimmi through the woods. Rules

Coolest Sites for CYBERKIDS

No - still works

tomtom GPS

So I went to some yard sale without any thought of buying something. The person was selling used pots, old shoes and old college text books. I was leaving and she said "I have a GPS if you're interested". She lifted a pot and showed me this beat up, dirty, nasty, grimy, tiny thing. I told her I'd be interested if it worked and she said it did. I asked how much, she thought about it and said "$5?". I bought it. I cleaned it up, plugged it in and to my surprise it came on.
I did a quick search just to see how out of date it was. Not only did WaWa not show up, there were some old buffets that are out of business still showing. 
I tried to update, but it turns out you need to pay $80 to get new maps and updated info. Not interested in paying that for a backup device. I changed the start up picture to this 
I changed the log off picture to this.
I guess its still kinda cool I have a GPS for when my phone wont work.


Bought this new pin from Night Watch Studios. Its been out of stock for awhile, I think it rules pretty hard. Dig it... freaks.
buy here

sun was high (so was I)

Po[o]litics [Hillary TP]

so rebelious