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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lemon Meringue

-sandcastle cupcakes

Richman's Ice Cream [Rt 40]

Back in 2007 my band recorded in Delaware. We took route 40 to the Delaware Memorial Bridge. Right before Cow Town I saw this Ice Cream plant.
On the outside marquee it said "Stop in to take a tour the facility". Ever since then, I wanted to take my nephew to check it out. I didnt get a chance to, till yesterday. Drove all the way up there only to find it closed in 2010. 
Did a little searching and found out the plant closed down in 1994. We just walked around and explored.
Found a way inside and took some pictures. Was surprised how trashed  it was. Not sure what this pulley thing is for.
I told him we should go check out Cow Town since we were so close. 
Another disappointing adventure. I've never been there when they had the flea market. Packed and everyone was selling trash. Cheap plastic jewelry, bags of chex mix and fake cologne seemed to be the hot items everyone was selling. 
drove home and ate at the Purple Penguin 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weird Ball

need 2 more. Im a loser.

E.K. Sig

I was looking through some books I've had, I found this in the Ellen Kennedy book. 

Chris Born Bach Party

Shooting guns was a lot of fun. We shot this 45 and it was pretty awesome, a lot of power but nothing extreme.
We also shot a M1A Socom 16.
I was hoping for a shotgun but they grabbed another handgun. Not sure what this was but it was fun to shoot. It kept overheating so it would jam a lot.
Towards the end Matt and I tried being trick shooters. We set the target at 10 yards and we were aiming for the small target in the corner of the the bigger target. Also tried to shoot the clips holding the target. Needless to say we both shot pretty well. Took me one shot for the target and the rest of the clip to hit the the wood clip , same for Matt. Even though his target shot was more centered.
Chris though had the best shot, put the target as far as it would go and shot the clip off... he said he meant to do it, but I call bullshit...big time. This tagged near the Wawa
Drove out to Millville for go kart racing. I psyched myself out and ended up not riding. But when I saw them going, it wasnt as fast as I was expecting... such a bitch I am.
well in the end, Chris's prick driving won him the race.
It was a pretty good time, the only thing that bummed me out was the drinking.. thats just cause Im a pansy I guess. Goodtimes...

Sunday, May 13, 2012


What did the unemployed reptile say to the lizard boss?

iguana job.
you're welcome


 didnt bought

Meth Pig [google search]

google, meth pig, search, large images...

Mirroring - Foreign Body

The last release I was excited about was Cloak and Cipher by Land of Talk in 2010. Since that album, nothing else. When I heard about this I got really excited. Jesy Fortino from Tiny Vipers and Liz Harris from Grouper teamed up. 

Never listened to Grouper but anything Jesy Fortino does, I support. Check it!Rules!

Gillette [90s babe]

such a babe

Weird Al [Showboat May 11 2012] *long*

Just recently I let my nephew listen to Weird Al's Greatest Hits volume 1 and he loved it. I was looking through the paper and saw he was coming to Showboat. I checked for tickets online but the only ones available were in row X, which was the last row. I wanted his first show to be memorable and awesome, what better show for a 9 year old than Weird Al. I saw Weird Al in 1999 at this show that aired on VH1..  I was talking with my general manager about the show and was telling him how surprised I was that the only seats left were in X. He said " You know I get two free tickets to every event at House Of Blues and if you want I can see if I can get you tickets ". Blown away, thank you again Jason Wiegand, you helped make his first show amazing. I didnt tell my nephew what we were doing, just picked him up and took him to the casino. We got the tickets and I handed them to him.
I told him to read the name on the tickets. He started reading not really paying attention " weird al yank, yank weird al... way, oh my gosh, youre the best uncle jay". We went to the buffet and grabbed some grub.
After chomping we walked down towards the show room. It was about 7:00, you can kinda see the line starting in the picture.
We walked out on the boardwalk for about a half an hour and went back to the line. The line was huge! 8:05 they opened the doors and we were in. I walked up to a security guard and asked where our seats were. He said "These are comped tickets, they're standing room only, so no seats". I said thank you but he could see I was kinda bummed. He leaned in and said " listen this show isnt completely sold out, so if you see an open seat, take it". First 5 rows were all VIP, the 4th row had no one in it, so we just sat there. I kept telling my nephew " we're probably going to lose these seats, so just be prepared " and he said ok. 45 mins go by and people start filling our row but no one is asking us to move. Then the Weird Al intro music comes on. We sat there the entire show and no one asked us to move.
He didnt know some of the parodies but it was still entertaining. 
 Eat It
This song is new I guess, he jumps off stage and sings to women.
 Fat, this is the song he really wanted to see, he loved it.
 My nephew loves Star Wars, so this being the encore blew his mind
I bought him a tour shirt, so he can remember when he saw him. It was an awesome time, I even enjoyed the show, some slow songs, but he would bring it back up pretty quick.