Sunday, May 20, 2012

Chris Born Bach Party

Shooting guns was a lot of fun. We shot this 45 and it was pretty awesome, a lot of power but nothing extreme.
We also shot a M1A Socom 16.
I was hoping for a shotgun but they grabbed another handgun. Not sure what this was but it was fun to shoot. It kept overheating so it would jam a lot.
Towards the end Matt and I tried being trick shooters. We set the target at 10 yards and we were aiming for the small target in the corner of the the bigger target. Also tried to shoot the clips holding the target. Needless to say we both shot pretty well. Took me one shot for the target and the rest of the clip to hit the the wood clip , same for Matt. Even though his target shot was more centered.
Chris though had the best shot, put the target as far as it would go and shot the clip off... he said he meant to do it, but I call bullshit...big time. This tagged near the Wawa
Drove out to Millville for go kart racing. I psyched myself out and ended up not riding. But when I saw them going, it wasnt as fast as I was expecting... such a bitch I am.
well in the end, Chris's prick driving won him the race.
It was a pretty good time, the only thing that bummed me out was the drinking.. thats just cause Im a pansy I guess. Goodtimes...

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