Sunday, July 29, 2012

Paul Sorvino Sauce

2$ a bottle at Big Lots in Somers Point.
bought the rest

Tree Chain

When I planted this tree, I put a chain around one of the small limbs.
its now grown around

Berlin Market Hang

Day started with crazy flash rain storm, down town Pleasantville was flooded...baad!
Brooke and I went to Berlin for a belated birthday hang. Met up with Steve and Lisa, walked the normal, route, everyone was packing up so not as many people as normal.
found these trash jackets, sitting near the trash, tried them on.
 Not a lot of interesting things, but this creepy star wars cup
If this Dunkin' Donuts thermos wasnt rusted I would have bought it.
After the Berlin we went to Tejas Mexican Grill for lunch. I got #44 chipotle and sour cream chicken.
Brooke got #68 grilled tilapia. She let me try it and it was amazing!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

This Is England 88'

stream all three new episodes here:

late to the game

Snake [comic con 2012]

best costume

.69$ store

I bought the Quad City CD sampler... terrible
Didnt buy this... but I read it in the store....terrible, makes no sense. Hulk is walking down the street and the little girl cleans him, then he leaves.. thats the entire story. Its 5 pages long 

1990s Hair Demo

Air Bud 5 - Canine Drumline

I'd watch it

Sweet store name...lies

I guess some stupid weed people bought the old Hollywood Video store on tilton rd. Stupid name, stupid store, stupid idea, totally buzz killed them hardcore

Oh hellz yea, sweet Van

parked outside the .69$ store.

Lucky Louie

just downloaded season 1 off iTunes for 4.99$ and really enjoy it. I saw a few episodes when it was on HBO but I hated it, thought it was to rebellious and hip. I mean a lot of the humor is over the top and raunchy but still pretty enjoyable.
Jim Norton wearing a Wild & Crazy Kids shirt.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Best Picture

hung out with my nephew today

Zordon wants some fucking pasta

 Big Lots selling this qual product

Good to be here

this was on last night, I seriously hope that Bobby Moynihan doesnt leave SNL
His Guy Fieri impression is boss " ... and garnish it with raisins. I'd eat that off a flipflop"

Friday, July 13, 2012

Watermelon King [news paper]

Greenhead vs Spider

at work

.99$ Store

need these
never heard this kids story, probably stinks.... kill myself


got a new car 2011 Impala

Goodwill [no bought]

I was going to buy the Talkgirl and Spencer was going to buy the Morrissey cassette 
we didnt buy either
-Pic By Spencer

Chris and Rachel [wedding 6/8/12]

Seriously happy for them, theyre both amazing people and Im glad they found each other. The wedding was a lot of fun. Here are some pictures
Chris said it looked like I was at a Dead Kennedy's show in this picture
they said " now do whatever you want, do something random ". As you can tell from our hands, we didnt know what to do

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Quality VHS purchases

I bought a lot of 10 VHS tapes off ebay. It has old TV shows, old commercials and sporting events. So far its been pretty dope. I'll keep you posted on shows that rule..

Army Manuals

Berlin market

Dollar General [philly swirl]

Dollar General lost power for 2 days and had to throw everything in their freezer away. As they were throwing these out, we grabbed them.

Judy Garland [blackface]

flipping past TCM and saw this...

dont know why, kinda shocked me.

Trashed Disciple

new punk band name

June 30th 2012 Absecon Nj [STORM]

The storm hit at around 1 am saturday morning. Lighting was hitting every 5 seconds, just constantly striking. Power went out at about 1:30 am. I was up till I had work at 5 am. Anyway here are some pics of the area
Saw this Obama stencil while I was taking pics
 billboards on the Whitehorse pike were fucked too
 power was off all weekend, fridge clean out style
Monday July 2nd 5:00 pm the power was turned back on.