Sunday, May 31, 2009

POST 1000

Johnny Depps new movie Public Enemies is going to rule

Im going to post another gnar gangster movie he did for this 1000th post
Enjoy. 1 click download Donnie Brasco
I ran into some weird things at this job, things i wouldnt spraypaint on an overpass . Jay
A broken clock is still right two times a day . Jay

Ipod problems

thank god I found this video. Some shitty Ipod I bought off ebay just shit while I was uploading music. The screen froze, it wouldnt sync, and the computer wouldnt recognize it as an ipod. The wheel wouldnt respond when I tried to turn it off. I thought it was bricked and waste.. Doing this worked and all the songs were still on there.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

every mothers day

needs a mothers night

Justin Timberlake on SNL is failing..

"Classic Peg" FAILED

the skits are really going no were, just long and drawn out.


Anyone watch this? It comes on after SNL. They honestly have some gnarly bands playing, and bands you wouldnt expect to see on TV. Its pretty righteous.

I think Paramore is going to be on tonight. Check the website LINK

Mike Blee

good dude, miss him.

Jumpercable Song Titles (If you didnt know, now you know)

Video is in the song order of the CD
Test from phone . Jay

Thursday, May 28, 2009

peace out, in the middle east out

me: ever see that movie Awakenings?
spencer: no
me: you never saw it? Robin Williams, Robert Dinero.
spencer: nah never saw it
me: man that movie fucks with your emotions, really messes with you
spencer: yea Star Trek was like that for me

Monday, May 25, 2009

Found these

bobby browns song ruled


songs that ruled

I laughed

first pet

when I was 4
my brother and I had guinea pigs
I named my Funnyface
he named his
Michael Jackson

Numbskulls 1998

Holy wow. I made this video of the second numbskulls show. I filmed it because during that time I was a "guest" bass player in the band. But that only lasted for 3 shows. After the King Pin show I became the full time bass player. Well I had a friend from high school who went to college at Niagara University ( I think), she wrote me and said she missed home. So I wanted to be a nice dude and sent this VHS cause she was at this show and thought she would enjoy. Well she never sent it back. Last night brett texted me saying " You filmed the kent show, but who released it? Carol?" I said " How do you have it?" he said " Mckeen (bass player from Skumbagz) gave it to Joe (guitar player from Skumbagz)". Well Brett said hes making me a copy.. so Im kinda excited to watch this old history VHS. I wanted to start a series of local show videos, and I wanted the series to be called "The Local Show!" well sad to say this is the only one I made. I found all the VHS cases in Blockbusters dumpster.Thats the history of this VHSsomethings wrong

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Women's Self Defense website

# 3 looks more like a groin pleasure attacklink


Sorry to hear about that man, really fucking sucks. Out of all the other scum out there, why does this guy pick the nicest dude? Makes no sense. Fucked up. Hate everyone, and Carry weapons


From Family Matters to Booty Talk 20: Super Fine Sistas
  • My Baby Got Back 29 (2002)
  • More Black Dirty Debutantes 32 (2002) (V) (as Crave)
  • Hot Girlz (2001) (V) (as Crave)
  • The Adventures of Peeping Tom 28 (2001) (V) (as Crave)
  • More Black Dirty Debutantes 30 (2000)(V) (as Crave)
  • Booty Talk 20: Super Fine Sistas! (2000) (V) (as Crave)
  • Family Matters (1989-1993) TV Series
I know everyone knows about this, but I was watching family matters the other day, and it reminded me. Take a hike ding bat

Jamie Kennedy Movie


think I want to see it

you can see how bill mahr cant handle it.. hate him

Saw ICallFives last night

Colin texted me and said "you're my last hope call me asap". Thinking he needed a ride or was being punched, I called him back. He said he wanted to go to the ICallFives show cause he needed to talk to them about filling in on guitar when they tour. Well we got there honestly 2 mins before they went on.. perfect timing. The music was awesome... guitars, drums and bass.... thats about it. Vocals were a big let down. What I was looking forward to was this..

(I still think its awesome the bass player drew is wearing a jumpercable shirt in the video)
but instead I got some guy looking like Jamie Kennedy (clickie) who cared more about his hair during the set than the vocals. The weird thing was they played 2 brand new songs... it really bummed me out. 6 song set, 2 songs were new. Again, the music was fucking tight, and on point and was worth the hour drive. Colin talked to them, and we rolled out. When we were leaving I saw this street.honestly though, buy their album. Its cheap as shit, and its worth the money, not one shitty song on the entire thing

I CALL FIVES - First Things First itunes link

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jumpercable Unreleased Track

First song we wrote for the full length.

Art Howard mixed and mastered it

Spencer was sick when he sang this, he was just getting his track down to remember how the vocals went. Hes going to be pissed I put this up.

On this track:
Spencer, Seamus, Art, Jay

Sod Job/Importance of root pruning

this area behind the 7th green has always been a beotch.
we've been slice seeding the area for about 3 years now, and no solid growth has held. The reason is probably due to the trees directly behind the green. The roots have been creeping up closer and closer to the green weakening the surrounding grass roots. We had someone come in and root prune behind the green last week. Today at around 12:00PM I sod cut the dead area, with our old school shit sod cutter.
I had to shovel all the dead stuff out, nothing could be saved, all trash thatch crap dirt grass. While I was shoveling out the crap some member came up and said "Why are you doing this today? Isnt there an outing at 2:00". Cool. I did the fastest clean up and sod job I ever did. We got some free sod from the city so I threw it inI know some areas look off, but they really arent. I watered the area for about 5mins, and was finished 10 mins before the outing. meh

allen ginsberg = bullshit

spoken word bullshit. People who are into this are losers

america . listen, and get angry

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

positive k

if that man dont treat you like he u'sta
I'll kick him like a turbo boosta

this song was boss when I was a kid.

Chef at work

I have to thank the lord that the all star chef is back this summer. She got married to a dude in england and gave up her American citizenship to be with him. I think thats kinda awesome that she did that. She said she'll be here for the summerfirst free lunch 2009...ruled!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Wawa Breakfast Ciabatta

Cheese Steak Breakfast Ciabatta with ketchup, egg, steak, cheese, bacon and peppers. It was really good and to tell you the truth it was even to much for me. I only ate half of it. 10/10

25000$ Albino

saw this bird on the course today, made me think of ace ventura

Sunday, May 17, 2009

the complete book...

I was trying to find out if the book store in the shore mall would sell books on consignment. While I was there I saw this at the malls indoor flee market. I mean I guess when they were writing the title they couldnt write just "breastfeeding book", it wouldnt seem informative or lagetament. I think thats the only reason they wrote "The complete book of breastfeeding", you know, just so they seem on the level. Also saw thishellz yea compact disc. I didnt buy either of them

Mike Schmidts summer house

Yes this is his summer house. I didnt think it was really his till I walked up and saw all the windows have etched baseball players on themits for rent, so I guess shaniqua and mike schmidt dont live here no mo'


harmony korine books part 2

I forgot to add these books in the original book post

The Bad Son is a 1998 photo-book by Harmony Korine, made up of pictures of Macaulay Culkin and his then-wife Rachel Miner. The pictures arose from the filming of the music video for Sonic Youth's Sunday, which featured both Culkin and Miner. The pictures were exhibited at Korine's solo exhibition at the Taka Ishii Gallery, Tokyo, in 1998, and the book was at the same time published by Taka Ishii Gallery as a companion piece in a limited edition of 1,000.


Pass the Bitch Chicken is a collaboration between Harmony Korine and the painter Christopher Wool that was published as a book by Holzwarth Publications in the US on July 2, 2002.


how can you be tough singing this? do they accomplish the tough acappella singing? I submit that they dont. Its sad that the TV show is what blew them up.wacky frisbee

Will Ferrell May 16th SNL

I hate every movie hes done, but honestly he did a great job on SNL. One of the best episodes of SNL i've seen in a really really long time. Every skit was pretty funny

"My names Gram.. like the cracker. My last name is Yost.. like french toast, without the A"

He also sung the Rockapella song, not the words, but the melody

One more thing, the first green day song wasnt that bad either. It was catchy. Then they ruined it with their second song. Why did they have to sing an acoustic piano filled political song? They need to stick to punk rock tune anthems. hate them

James Quall

Friday, May 15, 2009

wait. 3D realms shuts down?

Thats crazy

duke nukem forever

When this trailer came out, I was so souped. Then they kept pushing it back, saying it needed some small improvements and it would be out the next year. Then outta no where they just gave up on the game and put out this mass bulletin saying they're starting from scratch, using a different engine, and nothing will be the same. Well the game never came out.. it would have ruled. leaked game play

official site

I thought I had found someone
I could count on till the end
what they wanted was hero
all I needed was friend

I think its weird to have such a depressing song in an old 80s comedy movie.

tegan and sara demo on ebay/rilo kiley initial friend ep

Ebay. 8 hours left... bid hard

I predict it being over 500$. Im not really interested in that, but I am interested in this. it still has 5 days and its already up to 202.50$...buzzkill! This album rules and is out of print.

Untitled Video Painting 02 from borna on Vimeo.

deacon you ditched napoleon?

he was a dick

eat the pig, eat the pig, ziggy ziggy ziggy zig

Thursday, May 14, 2009

went to fishtown and I all I saw was Daylight

Me colin spencer and jordan went to see John Bowes band yesterday in PA. They were really good, other bands playing sounded like really bad Sr-71 cover bands. Daylight was the stand out.
Waiting out side I saw these hot tags on the side of the venue.
Barf tag.

After the show, we went to Goodburger in phillyNot the same one. Paid 13.25$ for a burger fries and drink. Burger was meh. It was a good time beside wearing the same work clothes I've been wearing for 4 days. Whatever...