Monday, October 13, 2014

Havent run in awhile

got a mile in 10:10
trying to get better.

Hag Gear

Got drenched working in the rain this weekend. Coworker had back up clothes, I didnt.
his gear was truly hag.

BF4 Emblem

made this...
im a loser, i know.

National Fatality Day?

Wawa Pizza

This was good but really rich and creamy. If you love Pizza Hut, you'll love this pizza. Its exactly the same, minus all the grease and oil. 
Again stick with the pepperoni or the plain, this buffalo was really really rich.

peace vato

Wawa Sizzli 2 for $3

The deal is now over. I would eat one and freeze the other one
6 - French Toast Sausage
4- Pork Roll
11- Bagel Sausage
8- Croissant Sausage
1- Croissant Bacon

17 Fairway

burning lines


Soda Stream Syrup Dealzz

if you have a soda stream, get to Boscovs and purchase some jamz.
total was $21. All syrup is discounted to $4.99.



Melissa Clarke