Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cellar Dwellers '97 [First Band I Was In]

Mosahiro Ike Kitabayashi: on lead guitar
Jeffrey Gasbarro: on Guitar and Vocals
Pat Sheeran: Drums
Jason Hillegass: Bass and backing vocals

Really terrible Alt Rock, solo on violet though at 2:07 is really good.
*I'll write more later*

Spencer/Jay Cover Charged
1.Spencer - Drive It All Over Me [ My Bloody Valentine ]
2.Jay - Bleeders [ Wallflowers ]

I uploaded mine months ago, but here are both songs together with the cover art. Spencers recording is clean and enjoyable. Mine is rough and distorted... Enjoy.

BHMA Two Song Demo [no vocals]

Chris had these really catchy metal riffs, so Art and him got together and wrote these songs. Its only the music, no vocals. I was plugged direct so I couldnt hear my that rocked. These songs are so good, Im honored to have played on them, with them. the name is a joke, Black Heart Murmur Alliance.

Tiny Vipers Dreamer/Development


moving cooler stand at work

scum kidz kept messing with it so the boss said take it out

Ancora Escapee ["Tasmanian Grim Reaper, thats me from birth"]

Kinda freaky.
Chris said the guy freaked him out cause he wouldnt break eye contact and kept talking about killing people. Talks about training grizzly bears and his wife turning into a black rabbit. He left and came back later wearing scrubs saying he was a doctor.
talks about drinking 3 shots in a brandy sifter of 50 year old scotch, 4 shots of goldschlager, and 12 shots of peach schnapps.

Saturday, October 29, 2011



Jenny Lewis

2002 Execution of all things tour... babeliax babe

WW2 Photo Album []

took my grandpops WW2 photo album and scanned 75% of the photos in there.
went to and made a hardcover book of the pictures.
came out awesome. It wasnt cheap though, with shipping it came to $113. To view the entire book click on the link and click preview book.

Rilo Kiley [ Rare AIT Cassette Cartridge Demo ]

bought this off ebay, the guy I bought it from said its demo tracks for More Adventurous. The third song I never heard of, maybe an unreleased track? Im not sure, but I think its awesome either way.


no, not the bar rock band.
cold the other morning, this was on the green.
chillin... fahrenheit style

Andrew Jace - Chicken Wing

its up on itunes...
copy the link and post it everywhere...please

Screener VHS [Life With Mikey]

I like how they try to sell the movie, bragging that it did $12 million at the box office. I mean Blair Witch grossed $248 million.
I thought it was cool to show his other movies and how well they did. On the wiki for the movie it said the movie budget was only $2 million dollars, so i guess its ok they were braggin that it made $12 million.
I called this number, the company is still in business.
I never saw the movie before, but it surprised me, I enjoyed.... siskel and ebert didnt enjoy.

New Wendys Burger

not gonna lie, best burger I've had in a really really long time.

Not sure how I found these pictures...

3 iphone ringtones
1. Steve Brule Interviews Stan Brule [check it out!]
2. Mini Van Highway [tim and eric]
3. All The Food Is Poison [tim and eric]

youre welcome


Honestly one of the best days in along time. Listened to the 4 unreleased Jumpercable songs we recorded 2 years ago. Plus the fake band me made called "Fang". Good time, seriously



Monique look alike

Looking through my photobucket, found this picture
this is from 2005, I kept telling him he kinda looked like Monique and he didnt believe me till this picture.

Yard Sale Trash Jacket

to small but I couldnt pass it up...

Amy Arena s/t

I told Brett about this album and he asked me to rip it for him. This album is ahead of its time. Released in 1995, Im surprised it got any air time. If youre bored and want to hear some honestly rebellious terrible tunes, download this.

Quality songs:
1 Excuse Me
2 Addicted to dirt
3 Cheeseburger
6 Shit
12 Proud to be a women

Sunday, October 2, 2011

I think Im Done [RIP]

this blog is a waste of time, I put in, but getting nothing back. boo hoo me... fuck

des ark - bonne chance asshole/two hearts

Remember, hacking is more than just a crime. It's a survival trait.

mess with the best, die like the rest

Kimmi Gibbler

I adopted a two year old Pitbull Terrier. She came from a high kill animal shelter in Georgia. She must have been beaten because she'll flinch for no reason. Shes growled and barked at two little girls, that kinda scares me. She doesnt seem vicious in the house but once I take her for a walk shes a different dog. I want to prevent her aggressiveness towards other people. Any suggestions?

Double Dare [The Inside Scoop VHS]

Bought this, so bummed the tape is messed up

I cant stand you, you're such a nerd

"hey wait a minute, calling someone a nerd is one thing, a difference of opinion is another"