Tuesday, September 30, 2008

young hill young eric

Elsie on TV

Watching tv40 and saw my dads wife dancing at her job. They're doing like a biggest loser thing. She works for Goodwill and she doesnt need to lose weight, but everyone else there does.
They didnt interview her, but they filmed her dancing with all them... weirdos


Purple Fashion magazine is thick! Its like a small phone book, If anyone wants it, they can have it. I just ordered it so I could get the the harmony korine magazine that came with it. The thing that sucks is it came damaged, so the mag got alittle screwed. I had to order it from france, but Im glad I did, cause its really good.
order a copy here before it sells out

Anna Ellison (ace of cakes)

My god I hate this show. I hate the owner Duff Goldman with a passion. The other people that work for the company are so talented, he does nothing, and gets all the credit for their work. Not only is she attractive, Anna is the most talented person on this show and at this cake shop. I hate the receptionist why is she on the show at all, and why does she talk sooo much? Everyone in the shop should leave, start their own shop, and put that loser Duff out of business. talk about loser... listen to me.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Crisis De Jour

This band is awesome, I'm seriously trying to put something out for them. Im hoping to get this band rocking and have something out by 09' if it all goes well. I guess we'll see if all goes right.

Old Greens King Eplex

Had to cut greens today with this old piece. Going up hills is really a pain in the rear and turning is near impossible because of no power steering. Its one of the oldest machines we have that is still running. It Bites, big time

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Took this picture in boscovs. saw it and it reminded me of tim and eric. they're already putting christmas shit up already. arent they going out of business? meh, I love the shore mall

Spencer Gifts Shore Mall

This poster sticks out in my head. Walking in the back flipping through the same posters over and over again. I used to have some posters on my wall when I was a kid. Wayne's World, Ren and Stimpy and Jurassic Park I bought from Spencer Gifts. I remember these college ones too.

Nick Arcade

nice will smith ripoff handshake. Mikey rides a fixed gear. Robot Vision

if you love golf this much, get a life

if I had to choose between more vents for AC/heat, or a putting cup... give me the fucking vents. But I guess if I loved golf, I would probly want the puttcup. Its a good idea for golf lovers I guess.

Talking With Cell Dude

I find myself going into BJs to buy something and end up talking to Spencer for along time. Hes my dude, but I really need to get a life and stop hanging out at the verison kiosk.

pic by warren

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Off the Air for 3 hours

Worldwide Day of Play.What a waste. Kids wont turn on Nickelodeon and go outside, they'll change the channel to adult contemporary television shows. Profit lost.. big time.


Ghoul Partol
I had no clue that zombies ate my neighbors had a sequel. I really want to try this game out alot! It says that it wasnt that good but still, it has to have at least one thing thats awesome in it.
brett find the game, tell me how it is!

Saw this on Talk Soup


Friday, September 26, 2008


23 year old nursing student that is my dads wifes sister. Does that make her my Step Aunt? Hes been trying to hook me up with her for so long, here is her picture. She has some problems with english, but shes really nice, she has seen a picture of me and is interested in meeting up...weird. I hope I get to know better, we'll see I guess. major fox


seriously all the rat shit and mouse shit angered me. So I laid some trizaps down to kill those mother fuckers. the shop looks clean, really clean.Its cleaner then when we cleaned it two days in a row in the winter. All this stuff in the break room, the painting on the wall is by Mr.Kaplan, found those couches in the trash, really comfortable, and we use them for 2 things. One thing we use them for is kind of a Time CapsleTsunami 04' and the day before the pope died 05'. We have other ones in there too, but these are ebay gold.... real. The other thing we use them for is to hide all the "mens magazines" we have.the oldest one we have in there is 04' with stacey keebler.The one dude who used to work here bought one every month, but the problem is we have a women working here. So our boss just would throw them away, I told him we paid for them and its messed up, and he said "well you cant leave them out and you better find a good hiding spot for them." so.. under the cushion they went. None of us have read them since we put them there... Nice to have a clean breakroom

Thursday, September 25, 2008

7inch Cover

?meh?most def not NJ in the middle... I just put that there to fill the space.. maybe like a close up of something like a wolfs mouth, or something I dont know..

Oceanside Gym Pics

Gym is awesome, and its dead at 4:05 in the morning. Its huge, its got an area of astro turf to train football dudes on, and a sprint track to train speed dudes on. Upstairs is the cardio area, so you're away from the huge dudes benching 430 lbs.

womelsdorf charm

Found this picture of Tara and I this morning in my glove box. I must have brought it over with all the crap from my other car. Honestly brings back good and bad memories. Womelsdorf charm is what I used to say when Tara and I wanted something, like food or a drink. I would tell her to turn on her womelsdorf charm and get someone to get us stuff. It worked. This pic was taken at Chi-Chis. Gee-town took the pic, and said it was my birthday


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rough mower

Fucking rules. I was cutting tees today after fairways, and the rough mowers lines in the rough look awesome. Im glad he worked here this summer, the rough always looked good. I know this is dumb... but I take joy in stupid shit like this

Free Lunch #2

Grilled chicken wrap, provolone cheese, ranch dressing, lettuce and tomato with some chips. This is really good, Im trying to eat healthy, and this is the only thing they have kinda healthy on the menu.

Splittin Fairways Boys in a Daze(paul wall baby)/Name Tagz

Had to split fairways today, we got done all 18 at around 9:45. I think its the best way to cut when you have an outing at 10:00. Plus you're cutting with someone so you don't get bored. We also got new name tags, kinda lame we have to wear them all the time.

Dirt water

That's what the coffee I made this morning tasted like.. I suck. Here is the picture of the gym, I didn't take a shot inside, I will do it tomorrow.it used to be the old Rickles in pleasantville.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I went to BJs yesterday and bought 107$ worth of breakfast things. Coffee, Bagels, Milk, Orange Juice, Cereal, Cream Cheese, Breakfast Sandwiches, and some other stuff. Pretty much so I wouldn't have to stop at wawa or 711 on the way to work and pay for those pricey foodz. This morning I ate a bagel with cream cheese and jelly, and a cup of java.It was the balanz... ee. Anyway, I've been going to the gym every morning at 4:00am and working out till 5 for about a week. Its a pain in the budinsky (<---spell check didnt even check that word) but I enjoy doing it. Im currently at 335 lbs.. looking to get down to 300 or 290 as my dream weight. I'll take a picture of the gym tomorrow, its huge. They have tractor tires you can flip, I love that ghetto workout. I flipped it 13 times within 1 min. Im going to beat that tomorrow. Anyway...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Korean Pollack Italian

I think we need a Gee-Town on that list going to see tegan and sara

Sunday, September 21, 2008

see you october 3rd

so souped.

Sweet Home Alabama

when the counselor walks in and tries to be so above making fun of people and takes her shirt off, really angers me. Its funny when she says does anyone have anything to say, and the one girls says "im really sorry that your towel fell off".

I want this on my car

its like over 200$ to get it, its not worth it, but I would really want it on my tiny crap ride.

Shark Attack Dream

ok I dont post about dreams and things like that.. but this one was weird. I was at work, and for some reason, everyone that works for brigantine has to respond to shark attacks. We got called down to a wawa, that for some reason was right on this circle road with a water pool in the middle of it.In the circle was were everyone was swimming. When we showed up we saw a body in the water about 10 feet out, and some guys just kept saying " bob will be down soon to get the body". It was just floating there, I could only see his feet. All the city guys were on the beach and they said we had to take the guys car to the city. We parked in the wawa parking lot (green) and waited for the guys car. So instead of towing it, they pick it up with a crane and dump it in the back of this one dudes truck. Its all smashed up like it got in a car accident. I talk to the police and I said "how did the shark even get in here" he said " you see the tube (purple) that leads to the ocean, he came in through there". I said " why not fill up the area in the morning, then close the tube so nothing can get in" he said "we cant do that, thats disgusting, people dont want to swim in the same water like a pool". Then we start driving to the city to drop off the car, we end up driving through what looks like downtown doylestown.

Really lame.. but whatever

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tourettes Camp

yikes, eric told me about tegan and sara, then sent me this video.

there is hope

eric might be able to get a ticket to T&S. Im so souped

1 second film

they were looking to possibly raise 1,000,000.01$ but they ended up raising alot more.seriously its kinda awesome that they did that, they said they're doing it animated because it takes 24 frames to make on second of animation.. well whatever, check the youtube vid here.

Under the Radar Mag

wow, bought this for 5.00$ when it first came out.. crazy how much it is now. The interview is really good, heres a excerpt from it:

"I thought I was gonna die," Tegan Quin recalls. "I thought I was having a heart attack when we got there and I was walking up the stairs. I was just so nervous I got tears in my eyes, and the person that was with me was like 'You need to calm down." Tegan is not recounting anything as grievous as a trip to the hospital or a humiliating court sentencing. Her spazout occurred earlier this year on vacation in Honolulu when she visited Da Kine Bail Bonds, the home office of Dog the Bounty Hunter. Tegan remembers: "I was like, ' Oh my God! What if Beth and Dog are in there ?!"

Friday, September 19, 2008

Russians End Transmission

Last day for the Russians, they asked to get a picture of everyone. So here we all are, the staff at the links at brigantine maintenance department 08'. They also made this video out on the course and I think they did a pretty good job.

Tegan and Sara

last north american tour?! what the fuck is that all about! I wanted to see them in philly but the tickets are sold the fuck out. Angry. Also this is one of my favorite songs off "The Con" album. So glad they made a music video for it.

Getting rid of some Hag equipment

Items on the list to get the boot the roots the radical, we're giving them the boot, we know they're all radicals.. ok...

Toro MultiPro 1100 - It ran well for awhile till one dude trying to be the assistant let it run dry while spraying. It ran even when we got the new sprayer..but we let it sit outside for over 4 years, and its junk.Jacobson Tri King - To start the machine you had to lift the front, and push a knob in, everytime. It cut like crap and just wasnt a good machine.Toro 325 - Started shooting oil everywhere, the block crackedJacobson LF128 - The old fairway mower almost died on this thing, the arm attached to the frame rusted off, when you turn the blades on they dont shut off till the machine is off, plus it wont start at all unless you have a hammer and hit the starter alot....Ryan Ga30 - The aerator tines wouldnt lift, It wouldnt start, and it was just a pain in the ass to useSEE YA!

russians leave monday

the one dude Vladislav drew these pictures... the bubble says " Ufo?". I asked him if I could draw something, I said what do you want me to draw? He said I dont know... so I said how bout you and alex with mustaches?I drew them both and they really laughed hard. I think being a comedian in Russia would be really easy, because the drawing sucks, and its not funny. Work is going to really suck, theres only one other full time guy here besides myself and the superintendent. So we're going to be busy peeps in the next coming weeks...

Joes Seaside Brigantine NJ

Theres a little secret about this place.. I just thought it was some lame mom and pop supermarket. Well.. it is, but in the back they have home cooked food. You can get a lunch/dinner platter for 5.99.You pick a main protein(roast beef, roasted pork, hot wings, meatloaf, chili) then you pick two sides (mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, vegetables, creamed spinach, broccoli casserole), the cool thing is, the food changes everyday and cooked fresh. I took a picture of this cause it says choc dirt. The food is good, I havent had a horrible meal there yet. If you're in brig and want some good food, check this place out.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Jenny Lewis Release

I miss the old Jenny Lewis, now I guess shes considered a "sex symbol". Back then she was a singer in a band called Rilo Kiley who was attractive. Well her new album is coming out and its called "Acid Tongue", heres the artworkIt sounds alot like late 70's style music, all I hear is woodstock. I guess its more slow rock folky instead of country folky like her other album Rabbit Fur Coat. Its awesome shes doing new things and trying stuff, but I really miss the catchy indie Rilo Kiley songs. You can hear some songs on her myspace. http://www.myspace.com/jennylewismusic release date is sept 23rd.. preorder it now!