Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Studio breakdown

Had to drive down alone, but so did spencer so it wasnt so bad, I just listened to Denali and Tiny Vipers all the way down.. Im such a freak on a leash! Heres the DE MEM bridge.. It was a nice drive till I get about 2 mins from the studio, and it turned into bumper to bumper scum students learn to drive day...know what Im saying. College bites.. Nick from Stay Sharp did awesome on the part he was singing, we mixed most of the tracks and we were rolling... till every so often Nick would just stand there with his hands behind his ears like this and not move for about a min. I mean honestly, a min, 1 one thousand 2 one thousand and so on. It was making us feel alittle weird. When I first saw him do it, spencer and I thought he had headphones on, but when he did it like the 5th time, I realized.. no headphones, just weirdness. It was uncomfortable silence too, he wouldnt say anything, there was no music on, he would just stare at the screen and put his fingers behind his ears. The songs sound ok, Im kinda happy with them. vocals sound good, I just think we kinda strayed away from a good thing we had, by trying to make our music sound "better". Whatevs.. its only a 7inch we can bring our style back from the downfall.. if you want to hear the tracks.. get bent

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