Sunday, September 21, 2008

Shark Attack Dream

ok I dont post about dreams and things like that.. but this one was weird. I was at work, and for some reason, everyone that works for brigantine has to respond to shark attacks. We got called down to a wawa, that for some reason was right on this circle road with a water pool in the middle of it.In the circle was were everyone was swimming. When we showed up we saw a body in the water about 10 feet out, and some guys just kept saying " bob will be down soon to get the body". It was just floating there, I could only see his feet. All the city guys were on the beach and they said we had to take the guys car to the city. We parked in the wawa parking lot (green) and waited for the guys car. So instead of towing it, they pick it up with a crane and dump it in the back of this one dudes truck. Its all smashed up like it got in a car accident. I talk to the police and I said "how did the shark even get in here" he said " you see the tube (purple) that leads to the ocean, he came in through there". I said " why not fill up the area in the morning, then close the tube so nothing can get in" he said "we cant do that, thats disgusting, people dont want to swim in the same water like a pool". Then we start driving to the city to drop off the car, we end up driving through what looks like downtown doylestown.

Really lame.. but whatever


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....I talk to the police and I said "how did the shark even get in here"
...."get them rattlesnakes outta here"
half dream, half 10th grade english know what I'm saying