Thursday, September 18, 2008

Serious Post (people who read my blog please respond)

When you were young, what news/historical event sticks out in your brain. I was thinking today about how alot of people werent around for some crazy shit that happened in america. Seriously think of some news events you forgot about, and post them. These are the ones that stick out to me.

The La Riots 1992 - Seriously, imagine if this happened today. I cant believe it did happen. I remember the bloods and crips in cali made a truce just so they could do more damage.


Gloria Estefans fractued spine 1990 - I seriously dont know why this sticks out in my head so much, but I just remember all the news reports about it when I was young. For some reason I thought it was important and I should really care about it.

Quake of 1989 - All I remember is seeing the freeway pancaked on top of the lower level freeway. All the stories you heard after it were so crazy. this video for sure is always burned in my brain.

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