Friday, September 5, 2008


Went to the studio and handled our bizz pretty quick, Art had problems with the first song, but after that, he nailed all the others out in one take, GNAR! Then I played guitar, did ok, not as good as him, but still better then last time. Then colin played, same thing, had some little things here and there but still nailed it out with no major problems. I laid the bass track down real quick, maybe 2 or 3 mess ups, but fast enough to get out of there at 9:30. The next day Gee-town and Spencer went down and started vocals, I told them I would come later and help them figure out whats good and whats horrible. When I got there at like 5:30/6:00 I was amazed by how awesome the vocal tracks were. Made the songs complete and just sound tip top. After we recorded we went to the King Buffetsoooo good. I've eaten there plenty of times, but this time was top notch. 3rd day got messed up cause Nick from claycreek was sick................sick.................. but we're heading back down this coming tuesday Sept 9th. Finish the Tracks, Send Them To The Label, Press Them On some Vinyl, Sell Maybe 5.

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First Off Decal Co. said...

king was redick. burboun chicken. yum town.