Tuesday, June 30, 2009

blocks'n tha drought


Depress your Chest

Found this in a mag, to work off your male Tony Shalhoubs.

Superfresh Sign

The Superfresh in Northfield was shutting down. They gutted the inside and for some reason they left the doors open over the weekend. I walked inside and looked around. I found this sign on the back wall and ripped it off.

Virginia 2002/Pins 03

This was Mitchells first show with Repercussion. He didnt even practice with us. On the way down between him sleeping I taught him the songs. This show we played with Powerhouse http://www.mediafire.com/?ofmjoj1gncw
and it was awesome. I just remember Powerhouse sounding soo loud and tight. This was also the first time we met and played with Dead and Buried. The guy running the show tried to leave and not pay anyone. So the drummer from powerhouse and leek stood in front of the car so they couldnt leave. Many threats later, every band got paid, and everyone at the show ended up hating us.
found these, still have 6

Omar Gooding

I was looking through some old news papers and saw this Ad in the 1995 press. It was at the now defuncted Tropworld. I scanned it and now I posted it.. thats the story....
Jessica Gaynes had a crush on her and the first thing Donnie Jeffcoat starred in was Ghoulies 2 ( HORRIBLE MOVIE)


Answer it... should I keep using the scanner? Should I keep using the Cell Phone cam? please let me know.. The scanner pictures come out so good... I dont know.. dont be a scum bag, you read this.. you reply..please

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Scanner.set up.post more pictures.

Old old...ooold

frank, leek, me, shawn, tara, rosemary.

I remember we got this picture developed, it was either Tara or Rosemary, and they said, these are the only people that matter in this picture, and ripped it in half. Young rebellion will never die

I found this today

and I really laughed

Iraq Youth Crew

My brother was apart of what they called "The Dream Team". He was a top notch tank mechanic.. he told me how when they trained in the US he was horrible, but when he got over there he was a beast. I said " Not to be a jerk, how" and he said " Honestly, I dont know".
This picture is of my brother from Fort Knox when he completed Boot Camp.
B C Gs

Nofx Backstage Passport DVD

In South Korea the only US bands that played there before NOFX were The Slackers and Ensign. I think thats fucking crazy. The DVD is good, I've always liked Nofx. So Long and thanks for all the shoes was the last album I really enjoyed by them.. everything after that was just a political fuck fest of dog shit. The only thing Im really pissed about is the DVD I bought came with a scratch on it. Thats what I get for shopping at weedsquad headquaters USA also known as Acrat. Its not that much different from 10 years of fucking upexcept no music videos. 14 month tour, playing brazil, chile, argentina, ecuador, peru, colombia, south korea, indonesia, isreal, south africa and more. DVD ruled, but some of the extra footage was really horrible. The footage of the manager drunk is angering...kent hate him. In the bonus footage they made a template of a shirt they wanted pressed, but before they sent the final, the promoter already pressed the template design. So the shirt says:

Orlando February 22TH 2006

They were playing in indonessia, on the 21st in 2007. I think its cool that they're shocked that their music brought them to where they are.

best quotes of the movie:

El Hefe: I knew it was going to be a bad show before we came here
Fat Mike: I said it was going to be a bad show too
El Hefe: When?
Fat Mike: When I heard there were riot cops and the show was getting shut down.

Interpreter: You have a lot of fans in china, what do you want to say to them?
Fat Mike: Dont pee in my coke

Things keep getting better, we have more fun than any other band in the world, Its amazing, after being in a band for 24 years, this doesnt happen, its not normal, we dont have a hit, Im not good looking, theres no sex appeal on the band, we're the luckiest band, we're the fucking luckiest band.

-Fat Mike

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

No car. No jesy fortino. Bummed out.

1400 AM Coast To Caost AM

I used to listen to this show when we would be driving home from philly late friday night. Sometimes they have guest but most of the time people call in and talk about crazy stuff. Mostly people talk about aliens and ghosts. The guy who runs the show (George Noory) does a great job listening to all these callers stories. You hear some stories and you think "Bullshit" but the host makes it seem he believes every single story. A lot of crazy war stories, and just weird events, its a good way to pass the time while driving or just sitting around doing jack.

1am to 5 am monday thru friday
1 am to 6 Am saturday
12 am to 6 am sunday

Heres a list of the shows in the past 90 days.

check the site

if you're up late.. honestly listen to it, its enjoyable.

Tegan and Sara UPDATE

Tegan and Sara NEW SITEProof reading the new book.... so souped

new music from Tegan and Sara on Vimeo.

Chris and Tegan listening to new Tegan and Sara music
Tegan and Sara book should have been up for preorder. Anyone have any info?


first unitarian chapel, philly
with balmorhea
anyone? please

Monday, June 22, 2009

Boot Militia WHITE vinyl

hellz yes

Crack Up Harmony Korine

Book for super cheap

Ebay: A Crack Up at the Race Riots by Harmony Korine. Buy It Now 39.99

Jenny Lewis - Black Sand FROM Acid Tongue

Black Sand

Album is meh, 70s driven drug girl woodstock rock. Heres a music video from her album

Tiny Vipers SHOW and CD


Shes playing tomorrow at the Church in Philly.. I think its her first east coast tour. I have no car.. anyone...please?

Woody Allen

I laughed.

Biker Games

(she was topless. had to edit...)
Weenie Bite. Raw hot dog covered in mustard hung on a string. A dude on a bike drives underneath but cant stop. The girl on the back has to chomp on the frankfurter while moving.

I suck

Just found a website with all the dead and alive WWE/WWF wrestlers. way to be not original me




Katy Perry Thief

Last summer when everyone was talking about that bullshit song by katy perry.. I kept saying "yea that song came out in the 90s, why is it popular now?". I still have yet to hear the new song. this is old news and I dont give a fuck.


never really watched Kenny Vs Spenny. Art made me watch it one day and I enjoyed. This episode was "who could have the loudest fart"

Rocket Grill

Saw this in the trash and picked it up. Now I know why its in the trash. This thing sucks. It should be called the George Foreman Toaster.
The grill plates are upright and close when you turn it on. But you dont just drop the food in, you have to put the food in a bag. You only get 75 bags. Its supposed to catch the grease and fat in the lower part. They also say its easy clean up. The demonstration video has a girl cooking vegtables with it, and theres liquid at the bottom of the bag and she says "look at the grease". The times to cook food is out of control too.
Frozen foods.
1 Hot Dog 5.5 mins
1 Sausage link 4.5 mins
10 oz. Steak 4.5 mins
Fresh Foods
1 Hot Dog 1.5 mins
1 Sausage link STILL 4.5 mins
10 oz Steak STILL 4.5 mins

These are the FAQs (frequently Asked Questions). The FREQUENTLY ASKED questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

I put two chicken breasts in the pouch, one above the other. The bottom one cooked right, but the other one was raw at the top. What went wrong?

That may have been too much chicken for the size of the bag. Try cooking the breasts one at a time next time. Another possibility is that the breasts would have cooked sided by side. Remember to center food in the bag.

Cooking portabella mushroom cap didnt work because it was too thick to fit in the grill. What should I have done?
Be sure to check the Grill Guide for any type of food you want to grill. Porabella mushrooms should be put in the cooking bag in thick slices, not as whole caps.

This product came out in 2006! Trash Unit
Husband and wife love aliens adopt a baby with treacher collins diesease

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Saturday morning cartoons had kids hooked. Disney tried to jump on the band wagon with this show. It was in 87' or something and I used to really enjoy it. It was the Wuzzles then Dumbo Circus

If this was on TV now, I dont think anyone would watch it.


Surprisingly not dead

Koko B Ware



still dead



Barf Manifesto

Barf Manifesto, like The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas, is an intimate account of a long, sometimes tortured, but enduring friendship between two female writers.
In the words of critic Ramsey Scott, “Bellamy asks us: how can sloppiness become an intellectual stance, a methodology with its own aesthetic and political priorities? How might a permeable editorial screen that allows for error, parataxis, and the non sequitur serve as the basis for a hybrid kind of writing that is at once critical and autobiographical, factual and fictional? What does it mean to insist upon the disorderly as a means of cultural critique and political engagement?

I want it

regis philbin

still alive

Dale Earnhardt

still dead

Top Chef Masters

The people I always want to win at the beginning always start off so strong. When Jamie got kicked off last season I lost all interest in the show, and got bummed out I couldnt enjoy the show anymore.
This season sucks so far. They have chefs who are known already and they do the same thing as the amateur chefs did; Quickfires, and Elimination Challenges. Theres no Padma just some new lameo girl named Kelly Choi The normal judges are only on the show in video interviews, they dont review the food or really have any part in the show. Kinda sucks breakin up the show and makin it weird. Well my pick this time is going to be Hubert KellerI hope he wins the whole things. I always like how he cooked cause what he makes is basic and seems simple. His resturant is called Burger BarI hate the cook for Oprah..Art Smith. Thats right.. he cooks for Oprah.. thats what hes known for I hope he looses fast. I straight up hate him like dirty barry jackson hates showers (huh?). I hope Wylie Dufresne, Graham Bowles and Elizabeth Falkenr make it. I missed the end of the last episode so I dont know if one of those 3 made it. I just hope that the guy I pick wins... anyone want to bet? hit me up. Im saying the winner will be Hubert

lame post

ATTN: Seamus

fucking hot ass bass tone

THANK YOU LVpokerdealer on POCKETFIVES.com

He made a GIF so I made a video so you could see it.

someone had a better video.

Fifa Confederations Cup

Italy vs Brazil

I hope someone post the video of this kid in the audience. What they do is usually take a 5 second clip of someone watching the game, then go back to the game. Well they took a video of this kid putting ice cream all over his face. They stayed on him for 10 seconds. It was kinda funny cause the announcers were comparing the aim of his ice cream to the aim of the Italian players. I hope someone posts the video up.

Turtle Eggz

Its June so they're laying their eggz. Everytime I write the word Turtle, I think of the ninja turtles rap song..

T U R T L E power
T U R T L E power
T U R T L E power
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Cant forget about the other hot rap track too

go ninja go ninja go

why was it only rap music?