Sunday, June 28, 2009

Nofx Backstage Passport DVD

In South Korea the only US bands that played there before NOFX were The Slackers and Ensign. I think thats fucking crazy. The DVD is good, I've always liked Nofx. So Long and thanks for all the shoes was the last album I really enjoyed by them.. everything after that was just a political fuck fest of dog shit. The only thing Im really pissed about is the DVD I bought came with a scratch on it. Thats what I get for shopping at weedsquad headquaters USA also known as Acrat. Its not that much different from 10 years of fucking upexcept no music videos. 14 month tour, playing brazil, chile, argentina, ecuador, peru, colombia, south korea, indonesia, isreal, south africa and more. DVD ruled, but some of the extra footage was really horrible. The footage of the manager drunk is angering...kent hate him. In the bonus footage they made a template of a shirt they wanted pressed, but before they sent the final, the promoter already pressed the template design. So the shirt says:

Orlando February 22TH 2006

They were playing in indonessia, on the 21st in 2007. I think its cool that they're shocked that their music brought them to where they are.

best quotes of the movie:

El Hefe: I knew it was going to be a bad show before we came here
Fat Mike: I said it was going to be a bad show too
El Hefe: When?
Fat Mike: When I heard there were riot cops and the show was getting shut down.

Interpreter: You have a lot of fans in china, what do you want to say to them?
Fat Mike: Dont pee in my coke

Things keep getting better, we have more fun than any other band in the world, Its amazing, after being in a band for 24 years, this doesnt happen, its not normal, we dont have a hit, Im not good looking, theres no sex appeal on the band, we're the luckiest band, we're the fucking luckiest band.

-Fat Mike

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