Monday, June 22, 2009

Rocket Grill

Saw this in the trash and picked it up. Now I know why its in the trash. This thing sucks. It should be called the George Foreman Toaster.
The grill plates are upright and close when you turn it on. But you dont just drop the food in, you have to put the food in a bag. You only get 75 bags. Its supposed to catch the grease and fat in the lower part. They also say its easy clean up. The demonstration video has a girl cooking vegtables with it, and theres liquid at the bottom of the bag and she says "look at the grease". The times to cook food is out of control too.
Frozen foods.
1 Hot Dog 5.5 mins
1 Sausage link 4.5 mins
10 oz. Steak 4.5 mins
Fresh Foods
1 Hot Dog 1.5 mins
1 Sausage link STILL 4.5 mins
10 oz Steak STILL 4.5 mins

These are the FAQs (frequently Asked Questions). The FREQUENTLY ASKED questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

I put two chicken breasts in the pouch, one above the other. The bottom one cooked right, but the other one was raw at the top. What went wrong?

That may have been too much chicken for the size of the bag. Try cooking the breasts one at a time next time. Another possibility is that the breasts would have cooked sided by side. Remember to center food in the bag.

Cooking portabella mushroom cap didnt work because it was too thick to fit in the grill. What should I have done?
Be sure to check the Grill Guide for any type of food you want to grill. Porabella mushrooms should be put in the cooking bag in thick slices, not as whole caps.

This product came out in 2006! Trash Unit

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