Sunday, June 21, 2009

Top Chef Masters

The people I always want to win at the beginning always start off so strong. When Jamie got kicked off last season I lost all interest in the show, and got bummed out I couldnt enjoy the show anymore.
This season sucks so far. They have chefs who are known already and they do the same thing as the amateur chefs did; Quickfires, and Elimination Challenges. Theres no Padma just some new lameo girl named Kelly Choi The normal judges are only on the show in video interviews, they dont review the food or really have any part in the show. Kinda sucks breakin up the show and makin it weird. Well my pick this time is going to be Hubert KellerI hope he wins the whole things. I always like how he cooked cause what he makes is basic and seems simple. His resturant is called Burger BarI hate the cook for Oprah..Art Smith. Thats right.. he cooks for Oprah.. thats what hes known for I hope he looses fast. I straight up hate him like dirty barry jackson hates showers (huh?). I hope Wylie Dufresne, Graham Bowles and Elizabeth Falkenr make it. I missed the end of the last episode so I dont know if one of those 3 made it. I just hope that the guy I pick wins... anyone want to bet? hit me up. Im saying the winner will be Hubert

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