Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hype! [grunge doc]

First I want to say I really enjoyed it. Second, Soundgarden is not that good no matter how long they've played music. One part they talk about how the grunge scene pretty much died at the end of the 80's and how everyone was kinda happy. Then out of no where Nirvana blew up. They talk about how Seattle was being written on records as a genre of music. A lot of good parts, minus pearl jam and 7yearbitch.

Best band name on the video:
The Throbbing Continuum Of Dirge

Question I was asked..

Brett emailed me and asked:

You think its gross when people dont grab their dong when the pee?

I responded:

Like the scene from naked gun?

no response after that...

14$ Puzzle

If it wasnt so expensive I would have bought it...

Cambox iPhone App


Gator spinnin za holding a cone with 3 scoops of ice cream.

Porn Watching Indian Store Dude

My brother and I walked into this store, the owner was watching some weird porn, it had an Indian women grabbing some guys crotch in a movie theater. He only paused it when a women came into the store with her kid. I took a picture of the name of the movie when he paused it

Friday, December 9, 2011

Crash Test Dummies [enjoy]

Cannot stop listening to this album. I downloaded it as a joke and ended up really enjoying it. Im such a loser. I dont think I would've liked it when it was released in 94 though. Give it a chance and have no expectations, you might enjoy..
quality tracks:
2. Afternoons and Coffee Spoons
4. In the days of the cavemen
5. Swimming in your ocean
9. When I go out with artists

kill myself

Yellowman [trash artist]

quality song....quality.....

Batsto with my nephew

when I was a kid my brother and I would throw sticks over the one side of the bridge and run to the other to see whos stick came out first.... we did that too.
good times.

Green Expo

tried to look snazzy
You can walk past Revel on the boardwalk now.
all the little fucking detail is crazy.
nothing really exciting... it was just the boss and I this year..learned some things about snow mold


convo at a buffet

"my wife is going to eat crab legs till she pops"

Short Film Idea

A black women with OCD would make drawings on paper with pools of her blood, mostly of Martin Luther King.
She let her arms and legs go hairy.
She would pull her hair out and place the hair in the blood on the drawings for his hair.
She had AIDS.
She hosted an art show called " black magic " with her paintings and other black artist paintings of Martin Luther King.
While showcasing her drawings, people were touching and admiring her art not knowing of her disease.
No one got AIDS but she was shunned by the art community when they found out.

Best jacket... ever

This guy was across the parking lot so I yelled if I could take a picture of his jacket.

Jumpercable - New Track [MP3]

one of the best songs I think we ever wrote as a, check it out

off our e.p. III

Old Tape Artwork

I found the artwork I made for my solo cassette release that was supposed to be out in Feb. 2011. It was going to be called Mustard Party.
I honestly love it