Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ocean City Ninth Street Route 52 Causeway Bridge

filmed the drive to show the progress.


how the hell is that bridge going into the city?


Answering Machine Demo

What I did was go to a bunch of good wills/thrift stores and buy all the old micro cassette answering machines they had. Each answering machine has a feature that allows you to record memos to yourself. The problem is you have to hold the button down to record. What I did was take a piece of string, tie it around the machine and place something in there to hold the memo button down while I recorded. Im planning on making 4 more and thats all. This was in refernce to the post I made Feb 20th 2009.

What Im doing is selling the entire answering machine as the demo. So all you have to do is plug it in, and press Play Messages. Im not really selling, Im just making a few of them and giving them out. If anyone is interested and really wants one... let me know.

I gave this one to the Dorsey family (colin,shannon,spencer,mom)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

TJ/Jay-Long Time No Handshake EP
1. Connection
2. Catch you on the flip, Catch you on the re
3. Yes, emphasis on none
4. 116 Connection
5. The good that wont come out (cover)
6. This doesn't mean anything
7. Mom doesn't have to know
8. It won't happen to us
9. Face. Palm.
10. I'm on fire (cover)

TJ sent me a text saying " Yo, you do 4 songs, I'll do 4 songs, we both do a cover and we're release it on the internet"

I went out and bought a Kimball Organ and wrote a majority of my songs on it. I never played the piano, but I thought it would be fun to see how the music would come out. To me it was fun experimenting a different style of writing music. I hope you enjoy

I want to say Im honored to have done this split with TJ. Im really blown away by his music talent and the complexity of his songs. TJ, I respect your opinion and your talent, this was a really fun project and thank you.

thank you to Joel for picking the organ up for me, thank you to Spencer for letting me borrow his bass, Thank you to Seamus for taking the picture and scanning it.

Lin....kick it


Back in the day you could watch every phillies game on this channel, plus movies like the adventures of baron munchausen and killer clowns from outer space. I remember my grandmom had it so my grandpop could watch baseball. Well I found an old souvenir book from 1992. I must have got it when we went to see these suck freaks play.
commercial add for prism.. tell em schmidt


went to the track with steve and joel, I lost money, they both won 20$ by betting horses to show.
this makes no sense to make this sign and have it plugged in and running.
missed the live racing but it was nice to walk around

Stars - Elevator Love Letter

wow.. rules

Blair Witch Project Fan Sites

The Blair Witch Project grossed $248,639,099

Blair Witch Camping Trip ::Site still up::
July 19, 1999
--Blair Witch Trip is finally up and running (save a few little glitches...starting to believe there really is a "Curse of the Blair Witch"...)The sign-up form does work, however, so go on now and sign up for our little camping trip! =) Coming soon--info on the location.

July 21, 1999
--began searching for information on Burkittsville...not incredibly successful, but still have many places to look, click here for the fruits of my labor. Still have many more places to look however. Also in the process of putting up a guestbook, so look for that soon. And, we had our first two sign ups!!!! yay!!

July 29, 1999
--Lots of stuff has happened! Travel plan version 1.0 is up (Check it out here) We now have a mailing list specially for participants of the trip (see members page for sign up info)and two more brave souls have signed up for the trip! And in the very near future (when I have time to finish programming them) some very special "Blair Witch Madlibs" will be up to provide hours of fun and games! =)

August 14, 1999--Closed signups for the trip. Hated to do it, but 30 people is most definitly enough. In the middle of talking to airlines, trying to figure out what the best rate is. The "Blair Witch Madlibs" are still coming, I promise, I've just been buried beneath projects lately!

Blair Witch Audio
Blair Witch Audio

Blair Witch Webring

I feel like chicken tonight... chicken tonight...chicken TONIGHT!

When I was a kid this commercials song ruled soo hard.

Cell Pics

Wednesday, April 14, 2010



Pan-o-rama cam-er-a

took these two pics with my new cell cam. First pic is the new nerd palace (click to make it bigger) and the other is the pump house at work. phone really rules, just wish the quality was much higher.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Paramore Tegan and Sara Tour?


Remember when Monica Seles got stabbed?

I read that the guy got a suspended sentence and probation.


Double suicide

Cooper Happy B-day

turned the water on yesterday

leaks! neat

just chillin

Buffet Band

At the Super Buffet in EHT, they have a room they rent out for weddings, birthdays and parties. Well we were eating there the other night and they had party with a band playing. Usually you hear the bass bumping and its not that annoying... but this band was sooo loud I had to record it with my sweet ass mobile telephone.

New Phone rundown

Shoots Pictures and Video
Mobile TV (floTV) - Adult Swim, Crackle(movie channel), Foxmobile
I watched Tim and Eric on my phone the other night... ruled so hard

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tim and Eric: Father and Son

click here for video.
I really enjoyed it a lot. Its shot like an independent movie/tim and eric episode. I've been looking for this ever since brett told me about it a few weeks ago. Eric plays a step son named Jay who loves helicopters. Tim plays his step dad named Roy whos a pizza delivery guy for Mama Noodles.

Mama Noodles
Roy: you guys are an ugly bunch of dopes, give em a spit
Jay: what
Roy: spit on them jay



weirdo vice photo shoot

The Mosquito Coast

This movie rules, I havent seen it in awhile. Harrison makes a big ice machine... goes crazy...and the girl from the goonies is in it.... thats all I remember. Check it

primus-miscellaneous debris

Friday, April 9, 2010

Watchin karate kid 2 on my new phone with mobile tv... Rules

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Honestly Gross


Heller...kill yourself

The boy who could fly

I always thought this was a Disney movie, I was wrong. Fred Savage is really funny in it, and its kinda depressing. Their dad killed himself cause he had cancer and he didnt want his family to see him die slowly.. damn. I thought I saw this on Disney when I was a kid.. but I guess Im wrong.. still a kinda good movie.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Satanic anthems rough and edgy altering minds and defining demented youth. Listening to these tracks have helped people escape hell on earth and enter satanists playground below. Enjoy what most have feared because ACDO are the extreme nasties.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


I typed dead. first I got the grateful dead.. then I typed got this

Posted for Joel

we tried to make a movie back in the day.. this was a scene from it. it never works when you try to be serious.

the scenes were shot at different times. the scene with me and art was shot on a rainy day. the shots with joel were shot 4 days before.


1610 drinking games

Lame website with dumb drinking games. They say never use alcohol, but each movie says "if you want to get really wasted".

Home Alone:
Drink Every Time . . .
1. The tarantula is shown
2. The bad guys watch a house
3. Anyone says "Christmas"
4. A geographic location is mentioned
5. Kevin's parents are shown worrying about him
6. The old, creepy neighbor is shown or mentioned

Anytime anyone is physically injured.

really fucking stupid and angering

Repercussion Full Set - Olympic Records. Boyertown, PA VIDEO
cymbals kinda loud.. but still enjoyable.

audio gets fucked up at the end during floorpunch and swaf

Des Ark.. best songs

Sweet Ass Art...Cape May style

found this sweet picture on the cape may bunker
Looks like they moved it back...more. When I was a kid we used to be able to climb on to it. We would try and throw rocks down into the cement turrets that were under water.that cement block on the left was like a pillbox. There was a latter on the side, and my dad and brother used to climb down into it. Me being a pansy, never tried. Looking back I wish I did.



Saturday, April 3, 2010

No more blog for awhile. My comps f'd up. Wont connect to intranet. Suxzor