Friday, February 20, 2009

Demo Idea

Jealous? It cost me 10$ and it works. I think its pretty righteous, even though I suck at playing. I have an idea for writing a demo. I was thinking of buying cheap/shitty mini voice recorders like this one I found on ebay for $.99. or maybe even answering machines that take the mini tapes write 5 songs with the organ, maybe get some help with art/spencer/seamus/colin/whoever on drums or guitar or bass or piano, I'll sing while I play, and sell the recorder/answering machine for 5$ to 10$ with the tape in it. All I have to do is find a machine that can copy mini tape to mini tape. I think it would be a gnar idea. I've found some recorders like that for $.49 at the berlin market but I didnt buy them. We'll see I guess.

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