Saturday, February 21, 2009

Things I forgot I had in my Photobucket

that night we tried making stand-up comedy acts, and horrible songs.. it was alot of fun.alot of dead fish used to wash up on the shore in Brigantine NJ, this was taken pre-guitar hero.

"Oh shit, Mark Stokoe, out of control" haha this video is embarrassing, what a lame-o I was. Best part is derm hitting eric with the mic at the start.
thought it was funny.Its called the Zeus. We drove 1 hr and 45 mins to the Clinton Station Diner to eat it, and we didnt even put a dent in it. When we got there, they said they didnt have any buns for the burger. The waitress told the manager our story of driving from AC, and he went back and talked to the cook. He came back and said 2 rolls were exceptable for the 2 lb Hercules, and only one was serveable for the Zeus. We kept asking ourselves, what qualifies it to be serveable? We think he picked mold spots off the bun. The bun sucked, but the burger was kinda good. I ended up throwing out the rest of it. They have another burger there called Mt. Olympus50lbs.. yikes.

City Never Sleeps chill video. We never released this song, we had 4 tracks we never recorded and they were probably the best songs we wrote.

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