Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wings To Get The Hell Outta Here

I got my taxes done yesterday at H&R block, looks like Im getting back 1000$. So to celebrate my rise in income I went to Wings To Go to snag some yumz. I placed my order and waited. As I was waiting, I saw this new thing they're selling. Ribs
not only ribs, but buffalo style ribs. Look kinda gross, but one of these days I'll probably try them. Then I saw this plastered on the wall
it says

"Wings To Go Strives to provide the freshest, highest quality and sanitary products on the market today."

It should say WE PROVIDE, not we Strive. The women working there was watching the Jamie Fox show, and didnt have shoes on. I thought that was kinda yuck so I took a picture of her putting her socks up and relaxing.
well the wings were awesome, anyone want to go and try the Ribs with me?

1 comment:

steve said...

ill eat them ribs