Sunday, June 29, 2008

Vintage Photo

site that has a bunch of peoples uploads of old pictures.. search the site, alot of crazy old gnarly pictures. click previous entries to see other pics

Saturday, June 28, 2008

each other's mother

Indie rock girls that have a knack of performing catchy and well written music. The songs are gnarly, not really lyric driven but the music is the hotness. check em
if anyone has a CD I will buy it off them. only 500 pressed.

lets go bird dog some chicks

2:17 Shawn Gorman Approach
3:55 My approach

"Everyone in this town is lezbos... you know, lez be friends"

I laughed a few times..

Im a scumbag

I took a shower at work today. I felt so disgusting, that I had to take one. Last sunday is the last shower I took.. and that night we had a show, so I sweating like skinny kid with the last yodel in a room full of fat kids. I bought a bunch of crap from 711 this morning and cleaned me self up. Just call me Dirt

More Pics Of Kali Fontecchio

amazing artist, very attractive


in the rough around the greens tees and fairways. Most def Dollar Spot

Thursday, June 26, 2008


if anyone was making a bet simulcast style yesterday around 5 o'clock, then you know what the hell Im talking about. The entire Auto Tote system had a glich, while people were making bets the system froze, so if you had money in the machine, you werent getting it back. My brother put 20$ in and it froze, but a guy 3 machines down had 200$ in his. That has to suck. For some reason, the two machines we were using restarted and gave us our money back. Everyone else's machine didnt. Heres the lame thing, Art placed a 3$ bet 4 mins before post, clicked finish, and the system frozeNow I asked the dude, since the system froze would he get his money, and he said " yes it should go through". Well it didnt, I figured since it didnt go through, it would give him his 3 dollars back.. it didnt. So the bet did go through, but the glitch fucked fucked him over, and didnt print his ticket out. The lamest part...HIS HORSE WON! BADLANDS BIGBOY

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I got some pillow cases made up

seriously cant wait to get them.

snl skit

Beth Cahill

I was watching 101 snl moments on E! and Beth Cahill was being interviewed. She is hot to trot now, back then not as much. I wish I could find a updated picture of her...gee search

IRS check came in

Im buying shit


I didnt enjoy this band that much till recently.

thanks art

Miss TK and the Revenge

Its kinda crazy, this band rules for alot of reasons. One the guitar player is the singer Ari Katz from Lifetime and drummer from ZeroZero. Second the singer is Tannis Kristanjson who plays keyboard in ZeroZero. I got into MissTk in late 05 (i think), the best way I could describe their sound is Gwen Stefani mixed with the Clash. Ari and Tannis are married, and I think its awesome they can make music together thats super catchy. listen to "sunshine sunshine where are you" .I remember the band talking about calling it quits for awhile or something along the lines of that, then a movie called "Im reed fish" used "sunshine sunshine.." on the soundtrack and THEY BLEW UP! I mean not huge, but just got the notoriety they deserved. I enjoy them. CD XoXo isnt to hard to find. One of the best tracks besides "sunshine sunshine" is "Elevator" its super catchy. They have a new EP out, download only, CHECK IT!


This is the solo project of the front women from The Cardigans. Nina Perssons lyrics and music on the album are depressing. Slow tempo, drawn out singing, with a down and out feeling behind it. I love this album, it reminds me of cold, overcast winter days. "Hard As Stone" is the driving song that breaks out of the loop of the album, I think thats the only song I dislike. If you need a comforting voice, and soothing music get this album, I really enjoy it. Faster then Denali slower the older Rilo Kiley. "I Can Buy You" is a good song, starts out weird with a harmonica but still good. I have the CD, but it's a 22$ import so they have it up for Download on her myspace.

7 d(ead)irty words

George Carlin died of heart failure Sunday at 71. meh

Monday, June 23, 2008

watched the dvd from the show

music is gnar, pretty good.

bird this morning

kept flying low, and skimming the water. It was doing it over and over again. It started flying in circles when it was getting attacked when it got to close to a red-winged black bird nest. It was pretty gnar, reminded me of BF2 for some reason. (I was owning in that server) I've only seen these birds twice on the course, and each time I saw them, they were doing this.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


gnats, gnats, gnats, gnarts. These things are annoying, they'll be 5 little clouds just like this near each other but not together. when you drive through them its like someone throwing small cotton balls at you. Red-winged Black bird. They don't give a fuck who you are, I told them I was in boot militia and the bird still attacked me. Very territorial, and doesn't give a shit. The bird call is gnarly but for some reason the bird in that clip sounds like a pansy.
Just thought it looked neat rabbitsHole 2, I was watering the green, you can see in the backround... looks like the tees need to be cut, but they were cut yesterday. whatever
I took this pic when I was driving up to see Deathbeds, but guess what, I got lost. The city looked so fake, I took a picture of it. guess what though... its real!

Sports Fan Update

thats right Im a sports fan. I've been watching the euro football on espn the past few weeks, and I love it. Poland of course gets knocked out before the quarterfinals, and that sucks a kielbasa. I really enjoy the sport, I never gave it a chance till my brother was watching it. When I was younger I played on the traveling soccer team, and I owned at defense. I was good, I loved playing it, but I guess with time just forgot about it. The commercials on espn of course are all soccer related, this one rules so hard. except for the dudes kissing and the guy pulling the guys shorts down.


when I was younger my brother and I watched every Van Damme movie when it came out, I remember when this one came out on VHS. We watched this one so many times, but I look back and ask why, it was horrible! Bloodsport and Kickboxer fucking ruled, this though wasnt one of his best..

would this be considered advanced karate?

Now dont get me wrong, I think tiger shulman karate is good for kids to learn to fight and stick up for themselves but to get a black belt in karate at age 10 is pointless. Honestly, going through the motions, passing kicking, punching and board breaking classes doesnt earn a kid a black belt. I mean if they were trained by Tanaka to participate in the Kumite and learned the Dim Mac, then I would understand. Untill they turn 18 I dont think any kid deserves a Black Belt

karatefan1 online name

Kali Fontecchio

She has to be one of my favorite artist. Alot of stuff she does reminds of a mix of ren and stimpy and late 70's cartoons. I think its an awesome mix. It doesnt hurt either that she is hot to trot. Check her blog if you're bored. She sings and plays in a band too.. they're not bad, but they're not that gnarly.. but check em out Kot’n Katie and Kali Kazoo


this girl is redick. She did a really good job on the video, her expressions say everything. 44 seconds

heres another one of her videos, I think its kinda funny, watch it.

Jumpercable Show Pics

people enjoyed it, but we played horrible, thanks again gee

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Iron On

This is another rock band that rules. check this out

the girl singer started another band called AN Horse, and that band rules too. But I really enjoy this band alot, the guy singer doesnt sound like interpol or panic at the disco, hes good. ok, these posts are really retarded

hustle rose

I really enjoy metric, only the one CD "old world underground, where are you now?" because its awesome. This is the best video of this song out there on youtube, when they play this live on other videos, shes out of breath and not in key. This rules though

Pete Wentz Signed Four Year Strong

blow up time gee


who has more?

Have not updated in awhile.

first I want to say I think its awesome, a band I think is gnar and really enjoy listening to supporting jumpercable. Drew is the man for wearing the JC shirt in their promo shots. Honestly check out ICALLFIVES they fucking own Second I saw this somewhere and I stole it hard..
Third, I really wanted to goto Perry's art show at Deep Sleep awhile back, but I just didnt go cause Im a lazy failure. I wish I did, because he had two paintings I would have bought.. this being one of them
Fourth, those really really hot days last week, fucked the fairways and some areas on the greens... but its crazy, we've been watering fairways alittle extra, and hand watering bad areas on the greens, and except for one fairway, all the fairways and greens came back.. the course looks awesome.
Fifth when I went to go to the pesticide license class I drove by this weird restaurant, theres a horse on the roof, and the windows on the right are boarded up, with fake horse heads nailed on. Kinda weird.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

its june already

that means turtles laying eggs in the bunkers.

Leak at the links

not a bad leak, typical T. The re-bar was rubbing up the one side of the pipe, and over time wore away and the area couldnt hold the pressure anymore. so it broke. this is the fixed T

KnockKnock pop-tarts

I got the sameones in the same back.. how lame is that. and I think by far the worse knock knock joke I've ever read/heard. "I Spider Hiding in the yard"

Sunday, June 8, 2008

New Weezer

kinda catchy

chick at a hole concert

brown hair

vNES Gnar Game

ok that really pissed me off.. I almost caught something and the hook comes out.. ANGER. I had to catch something so I tried again.thank the lord

this game is alot of fun, honestly.. just give it a try.