Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Miss TK and the Revenge

Its kinda crazy, this band rules for alot of reasons. One the guitar player is the singer Ari Katz from Lifetime and drummer from ZeroZero. Second the singer is Tannis Kristanjson who plays keyboard in ZeroZero. I got into MissTk in late 05 (i think), the best way I could describe their sound is Gwen Stefani mixed with the Clash. Ari and Tannis are married, and I think its awesome they can make music together thats super catchy. listen to "sunshine sunshine where are you" .I remember the band talking about calling it quits for awhile or something along the lines of that, then a movie called "Im reed fish" used "sunshine sunshine.." on the soundtrack and THEY BLEW UP! I mean not huge, but just got the notoriety they deserved. I enjoy them. CD XoXo isnt to hard to find. One of the best tracks besides "sunshine sunshine" is "Elevator" its super catchy. They have a new EP out, download only, CHECK IT!

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