Thursday, June 26, 2008


if anyone was making a bet simulcast style yesterday around 5 o'clock, then you know what the hell Im talking about. The entire Auto Tote system had a glich, while people were making bets the system froze, so if you had money in the machine, you werent getting it back. My brother put 20$ in and it froze, but a guy 3 machines down had 200$ in his. That has to suck. For some reason, the two machines we were using restarted and gave us our money back. Everyone else's machine didnt. Heres the lame thing, Art placed a 3$ bet 4 mins before post, clicked finish, and the system frozeNow I asked the dude, since the system froze would he get his money, and he said " yes it should go through". Well it didnt, I figured since it didnt go through, it would give him his 3 dollars back.. it didnt. So the bet did go through, but the glitch fucked fucked him over, and didnt print his ticket out. The lamest part...HIS HORSE WON! BADLANDS BIGBOY

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