Friday, June 6, 2008

international drama at the links

ok, so we hired these two Russians... horrible. Cant speak english, they dont understand basic words like.. Sneaker, Dirt, Break, Half Day.. just to name a few. So now, my boss gets an email from 2 polish students from another company that finds students jobs, and the email says " I cant wait to work on june 16th, what will we need to bring". My boss only made a deal with one russian company.. but the company we used last year for the polish dudes, just handed all the clients over to some new company, and got these dudes jobs with us. He wanted polish dudes, and called the company we used last year but they never got back to him, thats why he went to another company. Now the company is just sending these two polish dudes. SUCKS to be those polish dudes.. I would rather have them then these two Russians.

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