Saturday, June 21, 2008


gnats, gnats, gnats, gnarts. These things are annoying, they'll be 5 little clouds just like this near each other but not together. when you drive through them its like someone throwing small cotton balls at you. Red-winged Black bird. They don't give a fuck who you are, I told them I was in boot militia and the bird still attacked me. Very territorial, and doesn't give a shit. The bird call is gnarly but for some reason the bird in that clip sounds like a pansy.
Just thought it looked neat rabbitsHole 2, I was watering the green, you can see in the backround... looks like the tees need to be cut, but they were cut yesterday. whatever
I took this pic when I was driving up to see Deathbeds, but guess what, I got lost. The city looked so fake, I took a picture of it. guess what though... its real!

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