Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Borna []

Hang Sesh

sorry for lack of posts

its more of a hassle now, but im trying

Jewelry .69$ style


Picframe App Freak Fest

If you meet me at grubs tavern...

Dead Motor

Sweet Shirt

Candy Bar Mitzvah... hell yea

Beard Trim

I dont model for Calvin Klein, I model for Calvin Decline.

Terminator 2 Sky

On August 29th, 1997, it's gonna feel pretty fucking real to you too. Anybody not wearing 2 million sunblock is gonna have a real bad day. Get it?

VHS purchase

I only bought this for the reunion and the greatest fights.
Puck: Everyones a pick...pick, pick, pick, pick
Irene: Pick yourself outta here
k-9000 is horrible. The main actor screams his lines when its no nessecary.
The movie wasnt even in there, it was some other lame magic movie.
sucks, watched 5 mins and was really angry.

BBQ Chicken

Windows 95 VHS

thought this was pretty funny

Cups .69$ Store

Grilled Pork Tenderloin

tried grilling a tenderloin and it came out perfect

olympus x-43 14 gb camera

Helping Hand [Emile Renouf]

This used to be in my grandmoms house when I was a kid, found it on ebay for 35$.
26x36 I bought it

Berlin Market

Went to the Berlin Market with Steve, Lisa, and Spencer. I took a picture of some things.
thought this Elvis Cookbook was funny, really should have bought it.
Breath Assure Dispenser with Mark Himebaugh missing sticker

The people who make Certs filed a lawsuit against them and won. The federal court order, dated November 19, 1998, permanently prohibits BreathAsure, Inc., from claiming, either directly or by implication, in any advertising or promotion or promotional context with respect to BreathAsure, BreathAsure D, or any other "internal breath freshener" that:

It works.
It provides users with clean breath.
It lasts and lasts on the toughest offenders: Pizza, garlic, onions, spicy foods, coffee and more.
It cleans bad breath for hours.
It usually lasts four to six hours or until the next time you eat something that might produce bad breath.
It gives you clean fresh breath for hours from the inside out.
It will help stop morning breath as well as bad breath caused by garlic, onions, pizza, coffee and other foods.
It is an "internal breath freshener."
It is guaranteed to give you clean fresh breath for hours.
It works with the digestive system, often the cause of offensive breath.
It is "America's number one selling breath freshener."
It lasts for hours.
Guaranteed to give clean fresh breath for hours.
Swallow with liquid after eating or any time you want the confidence of fresh breath.
It will stop bad breath caused by the foods you eat.
Use it any time you want clean breath.
It works from the inside out.
It cleans your breath naturally from the inside out.
It took a team of researchers five years to develop this unique secret formulation and blending process.
It is a breath freshener.
It is designed to fight bad breath caused by foods.

They cant use the phrase "it works". This was near a bunch of tshirts15$ for this sign. I know I know.. couldnt pass it up though
and it works
Good time, good finds

Zapps Potato Chips Voodoo [Limited Edition]

tastes like salt, vinegar and bbq chip flavoring mixed. Surprisingly good.


Grandmom [Nursing School]

Knitted Picture

bought this at the shore mall inside flea market.
so hag I had to buy it... 2$ cant beat it.

Learn Klingon [Mp3]

I took some time and ripped the cassette to mp3.
They take this really serious. I thought it would be more like " Hey thanks for buying the tape, lets learn some Klingon from the tv show." No, I listened to the first 5 mins and its Worf talking about how important it is to learn Klingon.

if you're bored download.

Just add beer and butter

Gotta be gross
I dont know how this would taste but honestly I dont wanna know.

Alcohol Funnycar - Shapes [Brainscan Soundtrack Single]

bought this off ebay, seriously one of the best songs from the 90s hands down. Download, be a loser like me and keep it on repeat.

Bridge Batsto

Thought this sign was funny.
thought these potholes were BRUTAL

Highlander Leather Jacket

found this at goodwill. they wanted 45$. did not buy it.
fit Spencer perfect. I wish perfect strangers or family matters made merch like this.

RIP Sparkles

She was a Pitbull Lab had to put her to sleep Rick Rude style.
13.5 years old, didnt think I would care when we had to put her down but I did. My brother hasnt cried at a death since my grandpops funneral in 1994, but he did for her. bummed