Friday, March 7, 2014



Never listened to them that much
this live show rules pretty hard



Fisher-Price Food

turn for mustard

Kimmi Gibbler [focus paw/focus face]

Goodwill finds

 bought this, I dont know why. Its from england
did not buy
did buy this, kinda interested in watching it

The Porkroll Store & More

The only thing this place had was Spicy Porkroll and Smoked Porkroll. I didnt buy anything but what they did have was
a pretty woman cut out
a Rocky 3 shirt and a Betty White book

life winterizing

Rock-a-bye baby Cassette Player

If this thing was under 10$ I probably would have bought it. 
I wonder how loud it is.

Cheeburger Cheeburger [Hamilton NJ]

Still good
12$ for an amazing hamburger. Brett, gotta make a trip, they have veggie burgers.

Monday, March 3, 2014

For those about to jock

I dont understand how anyone can like/listen/enjoy this band. Straight dog trash. If I'm wrong, please let me know why.

Daylight - Siblings

damn... this is good

Andrew Simpson

Fish Eye

.50$ a piece

Berlin Market. Dominos late 1980s early 1990s advertisements ruled, hands down.

Santa Fe Taco Co. 5 lb Burrito Food Challenge [Northhampton PA]

My brother and I were both on vacation and for some reason he wanted to do a food challenge. He said nothing local. So we drove to Northhampton PA to try the Santa Fe Taco Co. 5 lb burrito challenge.
got up there in 3 hours found the place pretty easy.

inside was nice
checked out the burrito hall of fame.
not many completed it. One person did it in 12 mins. We told the girl we wanted to do the challenge and she said " you're both going to do it? Ok, Im not gonna look because its gross and I'll throw up". 30 mins to eat 3 burritos smothered with chili and toppings equaling out to 5lbs.
The girl was right, it was gross. I bet they have amazing food there but these burritos were disgusting. Chili was sweet, rice was terrible and beans were disgusting. The way they rolled the burritos were bad, more than half was rice and beans. The other end was a small amount of meat. I took the first bite and thought, should I just stop now or try to eat this. I figured we drove the whole way so I'd go for it. One burrito down I looked at Warren and said " seriously about to throw up " he said " dont talk about throwing up man ". So starting the second burrito I looked at him and started laughing, just thinking of projectile vomiting and ending the challenge. He knew why I was laughing. We ate this much in 17 mins.
We just couldnt do anymore. I went to wash my hands and saw this in the bathroom. 
fine print: "What about Poop !! No you have to take a duez on the flor". Walked around the city alittle saw some dope tags
not sure if its Fukn-Town or Fuk N-Town
kick ass karate kids
wish the food was worth it... it wasnt