Friday, August 29, 2008

Bornas Blog

Im honored! seriously! A good friend of mine asked me to do a guest blog on his site. I honestly enjoy his site alot. Its crazy. I tried to keep it in the vein of his site.

Heres my guest blog.

Story behind ACDO ( Abortion Clinic Dumpster Overload )

let me say first off that Im not satanic, or saytonic. It all started when I found out how to make a palm muting sound with Fruity Loops. This is how you get the sick ACDO guitar tone.

Open Plugin Presets
FL Slayer
DIST Dire Straits
then click two octaves down on the Piano for the palm mute.
For the slow ACDO sound slow the speed down to 80.

I was trying to think of something like ACDC, but I said overload instead of something that starts with a C and I liked it better. The first song I wrote (maggot meat pile) was a practice to show brett and chris born how to do it. I was working as a trash dude for Day reporting, riding on the back of a dump truck and let me just tell you, those lyrics speak volumes... the smell of trash cans did haunt my nose. I was trying to be as extreme as possible with the lyrics like " napalm the church and use bibles as baseballs we are the extreme nasties". One line though honestly made me feel awful. "Scarred arms of the holy, tell the stories of satans glory" really freaked me out when I said it. It seemed to Demonic. Then when I was on house arrest I just kept writing more and more songs to pass the time. Sleeping Wolves Dream Of Hell was the next song I made, it wasnt to Zany, but still demonic. Favorite lines in that song are "Puncture eyes with horrible things like a rabbit being stepped on by a lumberjack" and " disgusting things are disturbing my mind, thinking of scary places that the skeletons will never find". Pretty much all the songs are freestyle, I wrote down a few things, but the weirdo lines came from my brain on the spot. "Demon Children" and "Satan's Parties Rule" are my two favorite songs I think. They're the original kinda comedy demonic stuff, Art and Spencer also guest sing on them. I dont know if anyone is interested in buying the CD or buying a shirt or a hoodie.. but if you are go HERE!

when I got off house arrest art and I made this video. It took two days to do, I had a super small memory card for my digital camera, so we did all the drums one day, then all the guitar the next day. I really really think it is righteous. We shot the video in our real bands practice area, just cause it seemed like a crazy place to do it. The masks I bought from 711, and some how they were the best masks for ACDO, just straight up creepy. I would like to make more videos, but I dont know if this thing still has its comedy/enjoyable power. I just found out ACDO was on a COMP in England too.. what!?Honestly didnt know I was on this. I wont post every track (there are over 107)

26. paedophilescoutmaster 27. Brutal Nekkro Sex 28. Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck 29. GRINDER MAFIA 30. The Smile Adventure 31. Gruuthaagy 32. Electrocutionerdz 33. Abortion Clinic Dumpster Overload 34. 50 Ways To Kill Me 35. Bayi 36. Gunerook 37. Afterbirth of a Lesbian Finger Fuck 38. The Popples And The Puppy

Pretty cool we're early on the comp, trying to get a copy so I have one.. I dont know if this post even makes sense.. but thats the story

Told you, everyone hates Brainscan

I walked in doring lunch while everyone was watching a movie, and asked the russian dudes if they wanted to watch brainscan, they both got angry and said no. They said they saw that movie to many times in america. I asked them what they thought of the movie, only one russian understood and gave the thumbs down.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

got something in the mail

the second brainscan CD. ehhhhhhhh
Im trying to find another song from the movie...Its called Freak Now-O.L.D.(OLD) Im not sure if the band is called old, or freak now, what ever it is.. its a crazy mind altering song.

these two songs are from the movie.. I watch it everyday at work, everyone hates me because thats all we watch

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dr. Dre's 20-year-old son found dead in LA

Dr. Dre's 20-year-old son died. "Dr. Dre is mourning the loss of his son Andre Young Jr.," publicist Lori Earl said in a statement.

Poison Ivy

We have a lot of poison Ivy on the course, and I am really allergic to it. By allergic I mean, if the wind blows, I'll get it. But I found a pretty cool way to get rid of it. Slugs.It may seem weird, but it really works. It has to be something in the mucusy slime thats all over them. I tried it when I had poison ivy really bad, so bad that when I scratched it, green puss that kinda looked like guacamole came out. I rubbed these dudes on it, and within a week, it was gone. I tried it again recently when I had it on my hand, and again it worked. If you are'll try anything.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I just listened to the new Hawthorne Heights song

Rescue Me
I actually think it rules.
Better then anything they ever put out.. its catchy. peep it

Aug 25th

We watered, got back to the shop, and it was kinda warm out. We pull in all the equipment, and I feel a little drop. So I ask my boss if its about to rain. He says nah. Walks over to his car and puts the top up on his convertible. Two mins later, the sky opens the fizuck up. But it only rained in a 15 mile radius from Brigantine, because my friend in EHT saw nothing and thought I was lieing. The rain came from no where.. it was awesome

early 90s ice cream ad

*thanks to shawn for the pic

The Numbskulls (brett is lucky)

I think the old site is honestly down. I was reading a fellow bloggers blog, and he said that my old band was a "legend". The thing was, that was the first band I didnt start, they were already a group and had some songs already made. In 98' I came in as a guest bass player, not a full time. The bass player at the time and myself would split the set, It was actually kinda weird. The first bass player ended up moving to second guitar anway and I stayed on bass. I remember one show we played for 45 mins and covered Blatz, Cock Sparrer, and the Primus song Southbound Pachyderm into one of our songs. WE WERE A PUNK BAND PLAYING FOR 45 MINS!? WHAT! Well We recorded 3 demos, two we released, and the last one we just documented all the songs we ever wrote. We played a bunch of shows, with a bunch of bands. Heres a list of some:
Violent Society
The Casualties
The Cuffs
Endless Struggle
Rise Above
One For One
Freight Train
Hooligans Party
The Boils

as far as being a legend I dont think so, I think we were just a band at the right time for people to enjoy.

Rectum Schnitzum

1997 my sophomore year of high school, I was just getting into the "local punk rock scene". The first show I saw was Rectum Schnitzum, Cnile Youth, The Piss Shivers and Tres Kids in EHT. I was supposed to go with a friend but he backed out last min. A girl I knew in school also asked me to go, I couldnt back out and be a jerk so I went. Wearing Timberlands, and a Scream 2 shirt I showed up to the show. Didnt know anyone, untill I saw the girl from school. She was friends with everyone from the area and she knew most of the people there. So spending time with her at the show was few and far between. I thought it was awesome seeing all these people at a local show that were in the same music I was into. That night was also the first time I met a good long time friend Brett. He was there with his cousin who wouldnt shut the fuck up about van halen. It was weird seeing him there, but it was also cool, because we had a mutual friend, and thats what got us talking. The show I remember being awesome, I also remember being a little worried when I saw all these kids spitting on some other kids back and he had no idea.

everything I bought that night

Rectum Schnitzum Shirt
Piss Shivers Hepped Up on GoofballsCD
Striped Basstards - Lessons Learned - 7" EP
Splurge - exit/stretch - 7" EP
Ifarm So My Kid's Won't Have To CD

But ever since I saw them play, I went to every single show after that. Another good show was

Rectum Schnitzum
MK Ultra Violence -didnt show-
The Boils -didnt show-
Red White and Blue
No Authority

At some kids house in EHT


Its pretty nice when you get a review better then a major label release

hellz yea 4 beer bottles over hawthorne heights one... suck it

cries at lies

I was at work, really bored watering, so I decided to draw some guy crying. Why? I have no clue. Then I thought of the most unfunny politcal thing I could think of to add to it... so I did. I ended up laughing alot cause its so rebellious.. Im no artist.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Porkys Point BBQ

Brett, Heather, Gee-town, and myself drove to Elwood to get some of the best Ribs in NJ. Seriously the ribs are out of control good. The platters they make have alot of food in them, Rice, Beans Potatos and Pork for just 10$.. DEAL! We also got pulled pork sandwiches, they loved em, I didnt like them that much. If you get a chance to check out porkys get the Pork Ribs, with no sauce, with a side of rice beans and potato. Ask for some regular sauce on the side, to dump over the rice.. makes them taste yumgnar. Porky filled me in on how he does it, hes only open 3 days a week, he buys the meat on Monday, marinates the meat until Friday and is only open those three days. smart man, amazing bbq

3 oclock asshole

gee-town. wake the fuck up

Tegan and Sara Shirts

I was looking through my drawer today, and was going to take a pic of all the T&S things I own. I just decided to do the shirts.. I'll do all the other stuff later.

Barf Town

I typed barf town in google image search, then clicked extra large images, and these are the pictures I got. where is the barf town?


Simple, Catchy, and Amazing. I love their music, its not to predicable, but you can feel where its going to go next. You think in your head -This song would be awesome if they did this- and they end up doing it, but better. These dudes played in other bands that had some hype on them, but this band, and this release I feel blows away many many new release that are out now on big main stream labels. I guess I can compare the music to piebaldish mixed with get up kidsish and cartel. Vocals remind me of hot water music but with more catchy hooks, and not so much screaming. The two songs on the Gennero myspace are straight up catchy and addicting. My favorite song I have to say is "you vs me" that was on their demo. I hope they put it on this new EP. Its simple, preorder this, its 5 bucks... what the fuck.. get it! Check their new tracks on their myspace.. if you want to hear "you vs me" check their centerfuse page.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

I love this girl, love her laugh

her laugh is crazy.. I love it. she smokes like a gestapo officer going house to house looking for Anne Frank, meaning, not very lady like.

five easy pieces

when I was younger I saw this movie, always wanted to see it again because I remember this scene being so awesome. But I couldnt remember the name. I was searching youtube for something and this came up, I was so souped to see it again. Well... I watched it again, its not as amazing as I thought it was.... but its still good.

Robert Downey Jr.

"never go full retard"
I saw the movie Tropic Thunder. It wasnt amazing, it wasnt horrible, would I recommend it? maybe. Its honestly worth it to see Robert Downey Jr act. He plays a black guy, and I think he does a good spoof, of a typical black character in a vietnam movie. I usualy hate movies hes in, but he was really funny in this. The fake Jack Black movie at the begining and the fake Ben Stiller movie made me do a Richard Belding laugh...

if you have nothing better to do, go see it. I think its dumb that people are protesting about this movie, and saying that using the word retard is a hate crime. If it offends you, dont see it, its that simple.

I hate the olympics

why did I just post two things about the Olympics.. I hate them

banned for life

Cuban taekwondo dude kicks ref, gets lifetime ban. not an athlete

Only american I respect in the olympics

Lolo Jones is the only American Olympian I respect. Not just because she has an awesome name, but because she takes credit for what happened. Forget about Phelps.. seriously. This girl was a favorite to win the 100 meter hurdles. But when she lost, she didnt blame it on anything or anyone, but herself. She congratulated the other runners, and said they deserved it, then said

" its the hurdles, its not the hundred, they put the hurdles there for a reason, you have to get over them, if you cant get over them, you're not meant to be the champion"
I was watching another race, where a runner from the US stopped running with all she had towards the end because she was in the lead, then blames it on a cramp that never happened. She lost, then claims that when she was near the finish she had a terrible cramp, and she was saying "it hurt so bad and I was saying please not now, please not now" when they did the replay.. there was no sign of any pain. So lame. Lolo Jones is awesome

Friday, August 22, 2008