Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Numbskulls (brett is lucky)

I think the old site is honestly down. I was reading a fellow bloggers blog, and he said that my old band was a "legend". The thing was, that was the first band I didnt start, they were already a group and had some songs already made. In 98' I came in as a guest bass player, not a full time. The bass player at the time and myself would split the set, It was actually kinda weird. The first bass player ended up moving to second guitar anway and I stayed on bass. I remember one show we played for 45 mins and covered Blatz, Cock Sparrer, and the Primus song Southbound Pachyderm into one of our songs. WE WERE A PUNK BAND PLAYING FOR 45 MINS!? WHAT! Well We recorded 3 demos, two we released, and the last one we just documented all the songs we ever wrote. We played a bunch of shows, with a bunch of bands. Heres a list of some:
Violent Society
The Casualties
The Cuffs
Endless Struggle
Rise Above
One For One
Freight Train
Hooligans Party
The Boils

as far as being a legend I dont think so, I think we were just a band at the right time for people to enjoy.

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