Friday, August 15, 2008

Leaks really really really suck

ok the first leak was on 16, it was another main, what the fuck. I hand dug this out in the morning, then tom came out and did a quick fix that will probly only last a few months, but what ever, its fixed for now. To fix it properly it will cost around 400$. stupid
next was this leak on 5, again, the old assistant did this I think his first year here. The extension coupler was not extended all the way, so the water was pushing it forward.. I dont know what to say, it was leaking for along time and no one ever dug it up. So I did, and found this bullshit... whatever.. we fixed it
today I dig this up, after I see the the swing joint was blown out of the ground. I mean how in the fuck does this happen? Tom said in all his years hes never seen anything like this. The water pressure was so bad it mad a hill on the left side, and caved in the right side. Some how dirt got under the sod and raised it up at leaste 2 feet. it was weird.

One leak a day again this week. so lame.

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