Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Poison Ivy

We have a lot of poison Ivy on the course, and I am really allergic to it. By allergic I mean, if the wind blows, I'll get it. But I found a pretty cool way to get rid of it. Slugs.It may seem weird, but it really works. It has to be something in the mucusy slime thats all over them. I tried it when I had poison ivy really bad, so bad that when I scratched it, green puss that kinda looked like guacamole came out. I rubbed these dudes on it, and within a week, it was gone. I tried it again recently when I had it on my hand, and again it worked. If you are'll try anything.

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HeatherFe said...

I can believe it works. Researchers are saying that another reason why maggot therapy works on wounds is that they secrete antibiotics in their slime.

But what exactly went through your mind when you decided to rub slugs on your rash? You should be a scientist.