Sunday, November 27, 2011


Puppy Tweets

When your dog barks or moves it tweets. It has over 500 programmed tweets it picks from.
the things it tweets remind me of Sitcom humor. So stupid, its funny

Cool Book Title

Ebay Shoes

the guy sold them without insoles but he didnt tell me till I bought them. I bought these Dr Scholls ones... meh

.69$ store

The things written on the side are pretty good.
Art said " I couldnt see people using this, Ay yo, yo dick is boring ot".
Big white trash product
sorry, if I saw a girl with Valvoline or a Nascar fingernail transfer... I'd date her.

Audio Book Cassettes [DEMO]

For a limited edition release, we're recording over audio books and releasing a demo on them. I know its a straight rip off of Harmony Korine with the way he did Trash Humpers, but I still think its awesome.
It might be for Jumpercable but its probably going to be used for our new band Definitions. These audiobooks are going to be the hot ones
I will be ripping all of these to MP3 too, just give me some time
This might be one too, not 100% sure.

Musicstar Piano Model No. MKB02

I almost bought this
but I opened it up to check the goods and only found the floppy discs
it said on the front "includes software in both 3/12 diskette and CD versions" so I didnt buy it for that reason.
soundblaster wow. Loser with the glasses and guitar...what are you playing?
oh hell yea.

Its Asthma Time

Should have bought this...

Thursday, November 17, 2011


not sure why but i like this picture

Thinking about this

Gwen Stefani/No Doubt

I know I posted about her being a fox before, but I just downloaded Rock Steady and Return To Saturn. Theyre terrible terrible albums. Tragic Kingdom though was pretty good. I just read that Tragic Kingdom was certified eight times Platinum
The Recording Industry Association of America certified the album Diamond in February 1999 and with worldwide sales of sixteen million

crabbin, catchin nothin

Eureekas Table Cover

QVC tryna be cool

Android Men's Tattooed Banker Dragon Edition Leather Strap Watch.
they should have called it:
The Hella Cool Android Men's Bitchin Tattooed Banker Dragon Fuck You Edition Leather Strap Watch.

U.S.D. [ Unidentified Slam Dunk ]

Leak Fixed

no way this thing is ever breaking again

Berlin Hang Sesh

I met Spencer and Colleen at berlin around 12pm. We did the normal walk around. Spencer got a lot of gnar stuff. I got this picture for 2$.
after the berlin strut, we went to Tejas Grill in Stratford.
food was really good. Colleen went up to visit her dad and Spencer drove down with me towards Absecon to hang with Brett. We stopped at the Goodwill in Hamonton and found all these Lexington down CDs. Spencer was friends with one of the guys in the band and texted him the pile of unsold merch we found.
Spencer bought two hats for a dollar and gave me one.
Ended the night at Bretts playing games and watching the Jamie Kennedy Experience.
good times honestly

Art By:Art

I dont know why this rules so hard...but it does

D'arcy Wretzky

she was attractive......was
Wretzky was jailed in February 2011 for missing four court dates related to a ticket she received for failing to control her horses

Chip N Dales [promo VHS]

.49$ couldnt pass it up.
Its a music video for the theme song. Its members of the band The Jets, singing the song over clips of the show. From 1989.

Man Overboard [the definition of a studio band]

I was going to make this post a bash session, but decided against it. Im not a fan of the songs but honestly how hard is it to write catchy pop punk riffs. Music is ok, Lyrics are pretty stupid:

she was chillen lookin hot
in her bed smoking pot

Just watch and listen. This is their song Montrose recorded in the studio

this is them live.. same song..
This was filmed march 2011. This isnt an old video. makes me angry. Bait and Switch. Thanks to Spencer for bringing it to my attention.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Blogger App

I like this app because it doesn't leave dumb links at the bottom of the post.