Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wildwood NJ DVD

I bought this DVD. The downfalls for me are the overdubbed music and most of the annoying interviews with these women. The first 30 mins is enjoyable, but quickly gets boring. The video is gritty and awesome but the music is clean, it takes away from the feel. Its worth a view though, check it.
DVD Details:

This film takes you down the shore with an all-women crew to Wildwood, NJ, the last great American blue-collar seaside carnival town. Wildwood, NJ moves beyond gum-cracking, big hair, and press-on nails to look into the souls of women raised on the boardwalks rides, lights and come-ons.
Grandmothers and go-go girls; girls who work as vampires in boardwalk haunted houses. Tween girls stretching out on their first trip without their parents: young, rangy a little drunk on Bud, dukes up, nose open, with a couppla’ bucks to burn.
A Wildwood honeymoon, virginity lost to a boardwalk stranger, fistfights, madness, babies—and no matter what—returning to Wildwood year after year as they grow up and grow old.

This film was shot in 1994 on Super-8 film and synched frame by frame in the early days of non-linear editing.
Super-8 Film
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Not Rated
Original Release 1994; DVD 2009
Running time: 60:00


Best last name....ever

Saw this flipping through the channels

Turning Point

spencer and turning point

Bob Hopes Last Days

On July 27, 2003, Bob Hope died at his home in Toluca Lake at 9:28 p.m. When asked on his deathbed where he wanted to be buried, Hope told his wife, "Surprise me."

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Frank Sinatras Last Days

After suffering another heart attack, he died at 10:50 pm on May 14, 1998 at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, with his wife Barbara by his side. He was 82 years old. Sinatra's final words, spoken after Barbara encouraged him to "fight" as attempts were made to stabilize him, were "I'm losing."

W.C. Fields Last Days

as he lay in bed dying, his longtime and final love, Carlotta Monti, went outside the bungalow-type sanitarium and turned the hose onto the roof, so as to allow Fields to hear for one last time his favorite sound—the sound of falling rain. His death occurred in this way: he winked and smiled at a nurse, put a finger to his lips, and died.


the girl in the video is ridiculously gorgeous.

Im surprised how amazing this is.

Sharon Van Etten show


09/23/11 Philadelphia, PA -
World Cafe - Weathervane Music Showcase for Philadelphia Film & Music Festival

Gnar Sky

Swiftlink Plus

This this start-up kit offers 420 free hours a month, 1000 clip art images and 100 fonts for only 45.00$...hell yes!
sweet ass white house website

Picasso Howard M.O.M.A.

Got a text from Art, he said:

"Im at the MOMA in NYC, you're not aloud to take pictures so I took as many as possible."

Belletieri's Marinara Sauce

This is a close second to Paul Sorvinos marinara sauce.
really really enjoy it. Its a traditional marinara too, no onions. Try it, honestly rules

Black Flag [ss(od)t style]

hate black flag, just want to establish that

Name The Game [arcade]

"the skinheads have taken madonna hostage, take the law into your own hands!"

Jesy Fortino [tiny vipers]

was checking up on Tiny Vipers to see if she was releasing anything anytime soon and found this...
nope...not what I was looking for

Cowboy Mouth - Jenny Says

came out in 1992
its complete dog trash. I remember the drummer was the singer and thinking that was weird. I find myself singing it now... still... and I only remember seeing the video once or twice when I was younger.

Fortune Cookie

whats the message? Keep complaining till you get what you want?

Shore Mall Staff

Boardwalk Fries has a challenger for employee of the month...
zonked out

Exhibiting Birds Hardcover [.69$ Store]

Thought this book was weird but I guess it really isnt that weird. They have shows for dogs and cats, why not, wait, fuck that, it is weird.
weird...did not buy

Not gonna lie...

kinda grossed me out.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gnar Bday Gifts

Thank you Spencer
Thank you Jackie

I'll write more later... tired

Umshini Wam [Harmony Korine]

watch entire movie (16mins) here
Just found out about this. He did a 16 min short movie with this South African group called Die Antwoord. I dont know what to think about it. The girl Yolandi Visser is a trot nixon
and the dudes tattoos are terrible yet awesome...?
check it out

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Italian Massage

Tim And Eric Awesome Gag Reels!

foxy lady on the staff

2 Audio Books I Read With My Ears

Let me just say I had really really low expectations for this audio book. Out of everyone from Jackass, Steve-o ranks 3rd on the hate list ( 1. Preston Lacey 2. Loomis). He starts out reading the book then pulls an Artie Lange and has someone else read the rest. His story is really good. Not to sound like a lameo but I was into the entire audio book . He talks about his mom and you see a soft side, you see that he isnt just a suicidal moron. The one thing I dislike is he has different actors reading other peoples excerpts. So if Johnny Knoxville wrote something, another person doing a kentucky accent starts talking for his lines written in the book. He talks about suicide, life as a clown on a carnival cruise ship, sleeping on roofs (?), dating Kat Von D and doing drugs with Lindsay Lohan. All I can say is I really enjoyed it. I recommend.
I had high expectations for this audio book. COMPLETE DOG SHIT!! This was a waste of time and money. Im a big Howard Stern Show fan. I enjoyed Artie Langes audio book and I even enjoyed when Gary read parts. But this was terrible. The stories were lame and weak. He only bragged and talked about how cool he was. For some reason at the end of some chapters he does interviews with some of the people from that chapter. He'll say something like " Hey steve, what did you think when you first met me " the guy will say something then he'll say " Yea man, I talk about it in my book blah blah blah". He also does dumb things like "songs that remind me of 1980" and he'll go through a list of songs or "albums I would listen to on a desert island". When he talks about the albums he says almost after everyone " this record is great, it still holds up". The chapters jump around, he'll be talking about 1978 then the next chapter is about 2008. Really annoying. If you can illegally download this, DO IT. Dont be like me and waste money. Maybe its a better read than a listen.

Get a hair cut? No i got them all cut

Birthday Card

My half sister had a birthday. I found out after the fact that she loved Angry Birds and thats all she wanted. I drew this on her card...
she liked it...

Michael Caine Impression

heard this on NPR, they both have good points

"when he gets loudly, it gets very loud indeed"

I think the first guy wins though

Monday, July 18, 2011

Saved By The Bell - That Old Zack Magic [book]

a real page turner
the weird part is on the back of the book, instead of it saying Zack and AC (Slater), it says Mario (as in Mario Lopez). I thought maybe it was a new character, but no it was just a fuck up.

Greenhead Trap/Bird

This bird is a smart bastard. It figured out to fly up and snag them, I filmed it chomping.

2 Cassette Singles

shes the real mam-ma jam-ma
these bastards creep me out...ya heard

Luck Shot

Driving over the bridge in Brigantine, saw the chopper heading over top, stuck camera out the passenger window and took this picture

1982 Family Pic

4.95$ couldn't pass it up
homie on the left straight creep style

Custom Bass Dude

"I rule... so what"
custom bass makin weirdo. I'd jam out some rock licks with him at a gig...oh hellz yes