Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wildwood NJ DVD

I bought this DVD. The downfalls for me are the overdubbed music and most of the annoying interviews with these women. The first 30 mins is enjoyable, but quickly gets boring. The video is gritty and awesome but the music is clean, it takes away from the feel. Its worth a view though, check it.
DVD Details:

This film takes you down the shore with an all-women crew to Wildwood, NJ, the last great American blue-collar seaside carnival town. Wildwood, NJ moves beyond gum-cracking, big hair, and press-on nails to look into the souls of women raised on the boardwalks rides, lights and come-ons.
Grandmothers and go-go girls; girls who work as vampires in boardwalk haunted houses. Tween girls stretching out on their first trip without their parents: young, rangy a little drunk on Bud, dukes up, nose open, with a couppla’ bucks to burn.
A Wildwood honeymoon, virginity lost to a boardwalk stranger, fistfights, madness, babies—and no matter what—returning to Wildwood year after year as they grow up and grow old.

This film was shot in 1994 on Super-8 film and synched frame by frame in the early days of non-linear editing.
Super-8 Film
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Not Rated
Original Release 1994; DVD 2009
Running time: 60:00


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Brett said...

- Accents
- Georgetown Hoyas shirt
- Cigarette prizes
- Roller coaster mural
- Chicago White Sox hat