Tuesday, July 19, 2011

2 Audio Books I Read With My Ears

Let me just say I had really really low expectations for this audio book. Out of everyone from Jackass, Steve-o ranks 3rd on the hate list ( 1. Preston Lacey 2. Loomis). He starts out reading the book then pulls an Artie Lange and has someone else read the rest. His story is really good. Not to sound like a lameo but I was into the entire audio book . He talks about his mom and you see a soft side, you see that he isnt just a suicidal moron. The one thing I dislike is he has different actors reading other peoples excerpts. So if Johnny Knoxville wrote something, another person doing a kentucky accent starts talking for his lines written in the book. He talks about suicide, life as a clown on a carnival cruise ship, sleeping on roofs (?), dating Kat Von D and doing drugs with Lindsay Lohan. All I can say is I really enjoyed it. I recommend.
I had high expectations for this audio book. COMPLETE DOG SHIT!! This was a waste of time and money. Im a big Howard Stern Show fan. I enjoyed Artie Langes audio book and I even enjoyed when Gary read parts. But this was terrible. The stories were lame and weak. He only bragged and talked about how cool he was. For some reason at the end of some chapters he does interviews with some of the people from that chapter. He'll say something like " Hey steve, what did you think when you first met me " the guy will say something then he'll say " Yea man, I talk about it in my book blah blah blah". He also does dumb things like "songs that remind me of 1980" and he'll go through a list of songs or "albums I would listen to on a desert island". When he talks about the albums he says almost after everyone " this record is great, it still holds up". The chapters jump around, he'll be talking about 1978 then the next chapter is about 2008. Really annoying. If you can illegally download this, DO IT. Dont be like me and waste money. Maybe its a better read than a listen.

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