Monday, July 20, 2015

Berlin Market/Hang 7/19/2015

So Brooke and I drove up together and caught up, I havent seen her since March. It was a good time and a lot of fun. She got me some pretty righteous birthday gifts too
We met Joel and his girlfriend Kate at the Berlin Market.
She bought us all waters, was seriously awesome to hang out and talk with. Her Seinfeld trivia is a little weak but I think we could have a pretty good trivia game.
No one was really looking for anything, they just kept walking without looking at tables. Its funny I still keep an eye out for certain things. This is a 1975 711 Jaws Cup and I thought it was pretty cool. 
The guy said he didnt want to sell it cause it was dirty but I didnt really care, $2, so what.  For some reason Im also into 1990s late 1980s advertising. Why? I dont know! 
I dont know why I bought these, I got three for under $5 and gave one to Joel. As I was walking away I saw this Worf pin. Now like I've said before, Im not a Star Trek fan but Worf interests me. Its an enamel pin from 1990. 
I love it. We drove back, I dropped Brooke off, Joel, Kate and I met up later. We were driving around and Kate said "Lets break into an abandoned building". We were right near the abandoned Atlantic Electric and I've always wanted to check it out. We went over there and just walked around outside.
Joel was freaking out so we ended up leaving pretty quick before we found a way in. We did find a sweet place to advertise though
it was a pretty gnar time. Heres what the inside looks like

Saturday, July 18, 2015


buy here:

Record Store Day 2015 [late]

Thank you Shannon for the hookup

Jo and Johns Absecon NJ

Ate there awhile ago with Steve and they still have some old pictures on the wall, plus this really embarrassing picture of me.

Purple Primer

fixing a leak, thought this primer drip looked like a person/alien/thug/tough guy
or not at all

Trash Station

Coconut Shrimp

Now the best coconut shrimp I've had was from Sharon Zhengs 2 buffet. Its all I would eat. I ate so much I think I developed a shellfish allergy from it. We'd be driving home and my throat would start closing. It didnt stop me. Brett used to tell me the main ingredient was mayonnaise and it kinda grossed me out. It didnt stop me. Best Food in Town is not Zhengs but its pretty dang close. Would order again

Faiths Birthday Card

its tradition to draw on the birthday card

6 Inch Main Leak

we used the bucket for spacing because the irrigation box was too short.
a mower ran of the irrigation box and it slammed the bucket down onto the metal pipe. All that force cracked the 6 inch reducer and the pressure just cracked it more.
its fixed, i didnt take a final picture. it was a lonnnng day

July 15th Rain

It rained for about 2 hours straight. The course and the entire city of Brigantine were flooded, bad.
These are the pictures from the AC press, Absecon, New Road and White Horse Pike
pretty crayzon.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Far side

I picked up my nephew awhile back and on the whole ride home he read me Far Side comics. I really enjoyed it

Wayne's World, Wayne's World, Party Time, Clean Your Pants!

Haagen Das EFX and Dugout Gum

no more Big League Chew?
try so hard to be like Fu-Shnickens but not as good. Terrible

Kimmi Gibbler

Roof Top Show

I played a show on Spencers roof. He played solo No Summer and so did Cold Lungs and Brian Mcgee. It was the first show I ever played solo. Super nervous. Don from Cold Lungs and I both agreed to only play 3 songs. Spencer and Brian played full entertaining sets. Im so glad I played and I thank Spencer for asking me to play. If it was anyone else I probably wouldnt have done it. Nieves took this picture and was super supportive. I cooked chicken and cheese fried burrito/quesadillas and they were all eaten in 5 mins. I wont forget this night. Plus on the ride home I was so tired I was seeing things and flashes of purple. I should have let Nieves drive because she was wide awake.

Coffee ground plants

I took some expired seeds I got from the $.79 store and put them in some coffee grounds
within 4 days they started growing, theres gotta be something in the coffee grounds
When they started getting a little bigger I decided to plant them
we have a bunch of broken down carts sitting in the weeds right near the shop, I moved dirt into the corner and planted them in an old three wheeled Cushman. 

Adventures @ Ortlieb's Philadelphia / Casualties @ The Boneyard Atlantic City

Adventures @ Ortlieb's Philadelphia PA

I think I would be ok with never seeing another show again after seeing them play. Honestly blows me away how flawless and tight they were. Every song was amazing, I mean everything was spot on. After the show I couldnt stop talking about their set. This is how our convo went:

Me: They were so good
Nieves: Turning into a fan girl over here
Me: Seriously though, wasnt their set amazing?
Nieves: It was pretty good
Me: Pretty good? Im slightly offended by that statement
Nieves: Why?
Me: Cause it was amazing

We had a really great night getting lost together, but her navigation skills saved us again. I wish I recorded more than just this little clip
Casualties @ The Boneyard Atlantic City NJ  

This show was last min, I was in bed and texted Brett to see if he was going. I wasnt 100% sure if I wanted to or not. He texted me back "Yes" before I could respond, he wrote back "Outside".  I got up and got ready in my work clothes and walked outside. All the other bands were piles of shit. I dont understand why they were playing the show. Casualties came on and I realized I hate everything thats not off "For the Punx". Im glad I saw them but dont think I would see them if they were playing again.

18 Tee Leak

711 Brigantine NJ *CLOSED*

I used to prefer going here instead of Wawa in the morning. That was until one day I caught the cashier washing his feet in the sink in between making the bagels w/ cream cheese. The weird thing about this closing is that it was open on a Tuesday, closed and cleaned out by the next morning. The previous owner mentioned to us how the corporation told him they were trying to get rid of the smaller franchises. We were driving into work and pulled over to take some pics
see that scum trail coming out of the door
all we found in the dumpster was the fountain soda pumps and tubes. Plus these signs
its just crazy how this was an overnight shut down.