Sunday, July 5, 2015

Adventures @ Ortlieb's Philadelphia / Casualties @ The Boneyard Atlantic City

Adventures @ Ortlieb's Philadelphia PA

I think I would be ok with never seeing another show again after seeing them play. Honestly blows me away how flawless and tight they were. Every song was amazing, I mean everything was spot on. After the show I couldnt stop talking about their set. This is how our convo went:

Me: They were so good
Nieves: Turning into a fan girl over here
Me: Seriously though, wasnt their set amazing?
Nieves: It was pretty good
Me: Pretty good? Im slightly offended by that statement
Nieves: Why?
Me: Cause it was amazing

We had a really great night getting lost together, but her navigation skills saved us again. I wish I recorded more than just this little clip
Casualties @ The Boneyard Atlantic City NJ  

This show was last min, I was in bed and texted Brett to see if he was going. I wasnt 100% sure if I wanted to or not. He texted me back "Yes" before I could respond, he wrote back "Outside".  I got up and got ready in my work clothes and walked outside. All the other bands were piles of shit. I dont understand why they were playing the show. Casualties came on and I realized I hate everything thats not off "For the Punx". Im glad I saw them but dont think I would see them if they were playing again.

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