Saturday, June 26, 2010


This is my pick for Top Chef... anyone want to bet?
sweet boots

Mr. Wizard's World vs Beakman's World

Why was this show gnarly? I dont think I would be able to watch a full episode now, just cause Mr.dub aint that hip. He always seemed angry at what he was doing. I think he really hated working with kids.
Now Beakman's World on the other hand I know I could still watch to this day. He made learning really fun, answered kids questions and always seemed to enjoy doing experiments.
Beakman's world ruled too because Alanna Ubach from Sister Act 2 was on the show, and I thought shes was a major one.
whoopi transmitting information

Friday, June 25, 2010

Whoopi Contest

I ask you to try to find a hot/attractive/decent picture of whoopi goldberg
I seriously tried.. and couldnt find any.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Top Chef DC

I want Kelly Liken to win, but Kenny Gilbert is going to win

Land Of Talk [Acoustic]

L'aventure Acoustique 2008

This is a good CD to get cause its most of the hits off their 2 albums. I really enjoy Elizabeth Powells voice a lot. These two are my favorite songs, they're off their applause cheer boo hiss EP. I think its awesome that they are a legitimate 3 piece band. Songs rule.. Magnetic Hill hands down the boss track

boss vox

Sunday, June 20, 2010

New posts


After beating his wife, kids, the system, and the dog.. he went on ebay and got this sticker custom made.



July 3th

save money...get a 3 sticker and put it over the 4.
honestly there are maybe 20 signs. After replacing all those 4s with 3s... how did they not realize?

Porcelain statue


Jenny Owen Youngs

New CD has been out for awhile. I really enjoy her draggy poppy kinda singing. Her new album "Transmitter Failure" blows the others outta da water...except for their side project band Robot Explosion.
Bess Rogers on the ukulele... straight up foxshe has a nice voice too

Century Egg

why are people eating these?
the common word to describe these eggs are Horse Urine Eggs.

Chef: What do you want?
customer: Gimme the horse piss egg

They take a mixture of clay, ash, salt, lime, and rice hulls for several weeks to several months, depending on the method of processing. Through the process, the yolk becomes a dark green, cream-like substance with a strong odor of sulphur and ammonia, while the white becomes a dark brown, transparent jelly with little flavor. Yum! more information on the wiki page

ADIDAS covers

S.H.E. coming to A.C.

saw a billboard on the AC expressway that they were coming...never heard of them before that. They're pretty terrible. They're pretty... and terrible.

f/x 2

When I was a young dude I loved the first F/X movie so much. The second one is ok. I wonder why they put this fight scene in the trailer.

:47 to :55

action packed? The fight scene looks more like a kid tryna get away from his dad after his dad finds out he smoked weed and wrecked the family car.


sorry, zonked out at like 6/630 last night.

he has my old glasses and my creep stare

New Joanna Newsom album

This is the only song I've heard off of it, but its much more listener friendly and just plain and simple enjoyable.. Just listen to the first 20 seconds and you'll see what I mean.

the new album is called "Have one on me" and it comes in 3 cds or 3 lp records. Buy it here

Trash Humpers Viewing in PA AUG 7th

They're showing the new Harmony Korine movie, anyone interested in going? Im buying tickets this friday, let me know if youre down, I'll buy em for you.

Sainthood/T(egan and)ies(ara)to

still trying to get into it... still. Music videos for the "singles" are terrible. The singles they picked arent even the best songs on the album. They should have been "On Directing" and "The Cure", those songs rule sooo hard.
The song they did with Tiesto though is awesome

wow.. if their new album sounded like this I think I would've enjoyed it more.

Main Leak

Took most of the day to fix, we did a patch fix not a full repair. It held, but who knows for how long.
with the water off it was still leaking pretty strong


Getting there

Bought a sofa, tv stand and a tv. Took out a 5,000$ loan to pay off debt... with the leftover.. I bought this stuff.

Peach not pink

Heather looked stylin.. me weirdo smilin. Joel sent me this picture, he said he found it on Kims facebook...This is the only pic I have of me in the suit

Ozzy On Xbox?

disintegrate each last one of you.... real

Bust It

Thought the name of this cereal sounded like a Vegan Straightedge Hardcore bandEnviroKidz - Organic Gorilla Munch Demo 2010

I'd listen to them

buddies forever?

same to you kyle


Failed attempt at a smoore, with shit soft graham cracker cookies and nasto gross ass marshmallow filling. Well they've done something new... they took the fail and went a new way.Moonpie Crunch... I've only seen two and they are mad yum ot. These taste like thin mint girl scout cookies... no yuck... straight yum...the other ones I saw were peanut butter and chocolate... gotta be good.. try them doofus.

Zooey Deschanel..again

I just saw that fucking train wreck of a movie "Yes man"... is it me or is Jim Carrey terrible and completely a trash unit? Straight hate... Well who cares the fake band Zooey Deschanel sings in is catchy. She actually sings pretty good too. I hate all the shit she does with she and him.. but this is listenable and not dog dirt. The band is called Munchhausen By Proxy..

Hank the Angry Dwarf

Happy you're dead.

Shitting On Celebs BLOG

Shitting On Celebs

Click link only if you are prepared to be grossed the funk out.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Non-stop listening

check em

Its been awhile.../Stand up comedy

Sorry again everyone.. still getting set up at the new pad...still have no direct connect to da intranet. Really lame..really really lame. Im at work now, about to leave.. thought I would just write this real quick.
I was thinking of trying stand up.. but doing it as a Native American. My name would be Chief Wolfgather and I would try as hard as I could to look like this guy.
Here are some of the jokes I would say:

Hello, my name is Chief Wolfgather. I just flew in from Vegas and boy is my condor spirit tired.

Whats the deal with Kevin Costner? Dances with wolves? More like freak likes dogs.

take my squall.. please

I sold my daughter to a white man because she was running up my smoke signal plan... we were going through 10 fires a day.

A white man came through my village and asked to use the bathroom and borrow my teepee. I allowed him to use what he needed. Minutes later my house was covered in dung.

: yea I know its terrible and still needs a lot of work... but whatever

more posts soon... I hope