Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Thank You Don (coldlungspa.bandcamp.com) and Sam (artwork)

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Year/Blah/Ya!

Four months shy of 13 years I worked at my job full time. Well not anymore, we were all laid off and told we would only be seasonal workers. Well now the hunt begins for a new job. In my time there, I collected a ridiculous amount of VHS tapes. I just left them there though. I stacked them in two lockers and locked the door.
this is how I stacked them.
Nothing to say but BLAH!
I think the best thing about 2015 is meeting this amazing person, Melissa.
Shes the most thoughtful, caring person I've ever met. Not a day goes by I dont feel loved or cared about. We have such an amazing time together going out or just sitting around watching CultMoo. Its nice finding a person you would do anything for, without hesitation. I feel so lucky to have a girlfriend whos beautiful funny smart and puts up with me. Our openness with each other just makes our relationship so strong and thats so important. This Christmas I got the most thoughtful gift I think I've ever received in my entire life. Letters with notes on it that tell me when to open them.
The time and thought put in to it really moved me and confirmed what I already felt about her. Her mom also got me a pretty amazing gift too. Polish food
I cooked the fresh and smoked kielbasa in the sauerkraut... radink to the hinkulus! Both gifts were so awesome!
I released a split cassette with Don from Cold Lungs.
I really enjoyed the music I did on it, different than what I normally write. Id like to work on new stuff but currently busy and the drive has left me a little.
Well thats all you're getting out of me right now, maybe I'll post a little more since I got canned but I doubt it. Later days budddddyyyyy