Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ernest and Son [Hidden Ad]

Best subs in South Jersey, Ernest and Sons in Brigantine.
This was on top of the Cooler in the back left of the store, can barely see it.

Royale Crown *Closed For Season*

Took my nephew, I really wanted him to try it. It was sooo packed, the people behind the counter kept telling everyone it was the last day of the season.
I got this Hot Fudge sundae with nuts, Banana Oreo and Chocolate Oreo ice cream. Really good.
too much! my nephew got a banana split, and didnt enjoy it because the pineapple strawberry and chocolate sauce mixed and tasted weird.
thanks again Brett and Heather

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Columbus Farmers Market

Brett and Heather picked me up and took me. I've never been there before and heard mixed things. It was packed.. I bought this Trident poster
thats all I bought, but saw some interesting things
 this was in a pizza place
It was a good time, I enjoyed it, saw a guy wearing a Primus shirt, I got his attention and said " Primus shirt rules, Primus sucks " Im not sure if he knew that "Primus Sucks" means your a fan. He seemed offended. I enjoy Berlin more than Columbus but Columbus was still righteous.

VHS grab

Excited to watch this, not 100% sure what its going to be but its gotta be gnar.
.49$ for each
I really enjoy buying screeners, the advertisements at the beginning rule. Usually talking about the ridiculous price of one VHS and how Hip the movie is.
You can tell what movies did really well when they came out on VHS by how many copies of that movie are at goodwill.
Ive posted this before but this is one of my favorite videos on youtube that proves that point

Kate Mckinnon

major babe
best thing on SNL right now

Royale Crown Homemade Ice Cream

 Went here for the first time this past Sunday.
So many different options of ice cream. I tried a medium Pumpkin Oreo cone
so much ice cream for 4 bucks and it was really good. There was so much I couldnt finish it. Thank you to Brett and Heather for taking me.

Shore Mall Final Pics

This is a picture of the new DMV entrance and to the left there is now nothing. Click on picture to enlarge
 inside is finished.
I just think its funny they're doing all these updates and improvements but still have the same 1990s registers and monitors in boscovs. 
I dont think I need to take anymore pictures, so this will be the last Shore Mall post.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Kali Fontecchio

Her album is out and shes still a major fox
Murky Blues rules but I like the live version of Clem better on vimeo

Hipster Dufus

Fires Barbecue And Burgers ( EHT NJ BLACK HORSE PIKE )

Ok so I checked this place out with my brother the other day. Its new and I had high hopes. Its located where the Cardiff circle used to be in an old gas station.
menu priced on the higher side
 We got the rib box lunch and 12 wings
the ribs seemed meaty
Ive never had ribs taste like ham, but these did. The rub was gritty and had zero taste. I was not a fan. Pappys is still the best rib place in south jersey for price and taste.
but when it came to the wings... these were the best bbq wings my brother and I ever had. We couldnt stop eating them.
 Im usually not a fan of the entire intact wing, but these were so amazing it didnt matter. Highlights were the wings and the fresh cut fries. If you go, you must try these two. I am going back to try the burgers, no question

Sunday, September 15, 2013

ex Stock Holder ex

I had 8 shares of John Deere Stock awhile ago. I bought each share at 60$ a share. I sold 7 shares when the stock got up to 124$. I asked for my last share to be a paper share.They cant reinvest the dividends so they had to send me a check for each time I was owed on that one share. I just found all my checks...
 the big check

Brig Fox

Saw this fox at work the other day

Trash Product For a Trash Family

Soda Pop Holder... cool name

Nephew Halloween Mask

He wanted to walk through Shoprite with it on, so we did...

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Repercussion Practice [December 2001]

Shore Mall [Down to the final rubble]

Ok these are probably going to be the last pictures. This is the last section of the mall thats still up

to the right is the security and maintenance
security office
maintenance area

this is the orange julius entrance/old dmv entrance
this is inside the jersey shore childrens museum 
looking towards the theater