Monday, September 16, 2013

Fires Barbecue And Burgers ( EHT NJ BLACK HORSE PIKE )

Ok so I checked this place out with my brother the other day. Its new and I had high hopes. Its located where the Cardiff circle used to be in an old gas station.
menu priced on the higher side
 We got the rib box lunch and 12 wings
the ribs seemed meaty
Ive never had ribs taste like ham, but these did. The rub was gritty and had zero taste. I was not a fan. Pappys is still the best rib place in south jersey for price and taste.
but when it came to the wings... these were the best bbq wings my brother and I ever had. We couldnt stop eating them.
 Im usually not a fan of the entire intact wing, but these were so amazing it didnt matter. Highlights were the wings and the fresh cut fries. If you go, you must try these two. I am going back to try the burgers, no question

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