Saturday, October 31, 2009

Friday, October 30, 2009

Im in hospital. Had ventricular fibulations. they had to shock my heart into a normal rhythm. boondock saints 2 is out too. Should be home soon

Monday, October 19, 2009

December 4th Kung Fu Necktie 7pm Land Of Talk

Anyone interested in going? Please let me know

Land Of Talk NEW ALBUM

Album is shipping now.. order here..


This was the jam off of the Summer Lakes album, and this video appears on the new album as an extra feature. Kinda souped to hear the new stuff. Download a track off the new album Fun and Laughter here
Land of Talk - May You Never

the recording is much cleaner.. not as dirty as their other albums. The artwork is screenprinted by the band. Im really souped for this album.


I thought these parts were funny. dry dry dry

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Tim and Eric were a part of this project. They overdub all the audio.. I laughed at some parts.
download pilot episode here
gonna try to get a clip of it up soon


it was kinda good. Really good cameo. It was funny at some spots, annoying, and kinda stupid. I dont know its worth seeing I guess. Im not tryna ruin it for anyone who hasnt seen it.

Title Fight on tour with New Found Glory

Title Fight Part One from KO Films on Vimeo.



Ink Blot Factory from Tegan and Sara on Vimeo.

I like the cold I like the cold

Looking up Weird Ball On Ebay...

looking for this found this... distubo.
gag gifts

Tailgaters Galloway NJ 2lb Burger The Pittsburger

The burger was super good. The problem is Tailgaters isnt really a family friendly place to eat. If it was 9 pm it would have been riddin with college frat lords. Good thing we went at 12:00 pm. The other problem was the chef sucked. It took 45 mins to even start our order. It wasnt even packed. The waitresses avoided us and never let us know what the fuck was going on. So my brother got up and asked them how long it would be, and she said yours is the next one hes going to start. So it took them 1hr to get our to us. We got it to go and ate it at home, so we didnt get the shirt or the picture on the wall.. oh well..
burger was really good though... really good.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


this is you

this is you 2
"wait guys freeze, freeze like hell"

"bock bock chicken chicken"

"if youre not screamin low, youre not tough"
pahardcore classics

Rough Mower


Brigantine Bong Youth

The superintendent found this on the 17th green yesterday. Brigantine kids must hit the fucking ganja pipe hard. This is the 3rd one we found on the course...
anyone interested in it? Joel.. Spencer... Shawn... looking at you...

Monday, October 12, 2009

In On At Tegan and Sara book

Tegan and Sara meet ON IN AT from Tegan and Sara on Vimeo.


Stop Sleeping Yo

Golf Course

16pro shop area

Dont be shocked

Jumpercable is done recording. the songs just need to be mixed down. I'll post them up as soon as they're finished. There are 5 originals and one cover.

Ebay Gold

Joel was getting shit out of his parents storage, and he found this picture of Mr. Lee Roth. Disturbing.

711 new 79 cents grub

The churros did not suck. I enjoyed them
Onion rings were spicy. they were spiced of a spicy spicer. but they were good.


When theres a roll for horrible acting drunk hillbilly, does Randy Quaids agent jump at every single fucking roll?

"Randy we got a roll for a toxic waste manager who gets drunk, lives in a box and acts crazy"
"lets do it"

European Vacation
Christmas Vacation
National Lampoons Vacation

He was tolerable in those.. cant stand him in everything else hes done.

New Tegan and Sara Single

Sounds super over produced. The single reminds me a lot of Metric. Its not a far leap from what they did before.. but its alittle different. I enjoy.. but we'll see.. goto Itunes to download the track.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

BF2 Video

posted in 04 I think

I would play this game everyday from 2:50pm till 11:30 pm. This game was priority over anything and everything. My brothers idea to call the clan IDS not mine.

god I really loved this game, I was such a loser. oh wait... still am

T S Preorder

I Just preordered the Tegan and Sara CD and the 3 book set. I hope the book is good and I pray the CD is gnarly. This is the preorder bundle I ordered
this is the one I wanted to get.. but it sold out. preorder yours

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


youre a punch to the stomach,
you take my breath away as fast I had it

Leak on 9 shut off valve.

See the blue on the pipe.. thats supposed to be right up against the coupler coming off the metal shut off valve
The pipe was at a weird angle I guess, so over time it just slowly backed off... not like the yosemite sam mud flaps.
its supposed to be a tight seal but it wasnt... so it leaked... end.

Ocean City Stairs

it wasnt even that dark out, but my cell cam bites hard in vampire style
pic looks kinda gnar though

Hole 11

course is looking good for october.