Friday, November 27, 2009

new Harmony Korine movie



Most def my favorite Les Claypool side project

check the music video, it rules. The CD rules too, check it out


I really like the song Voodoo Lady, I was never a fan of Ween because I hated their song Push the little Daisies. watching it now its actually not that bad. So I bought the album pretty much just for voodoo lady, cause I thought it was so catchy.
the rest of the album though was really strange. I didnt really like every song on it, but this song for some reason really freaked me out when I heard it.

Why they wanna see my spine mommy?
Why they wanna see my spine?
It's gonna hurt again mommy
Much worse than last time
Am i gonna see god, mommy?
Am i gonna die?
It really hurts mommy!
Am i gonna die?

Smile on mighty jesus
Spinal meningitis got me down

Viet VHS

This was a movie that didnt leave the VCR for a few months at work. Wasnt that it was amazing, just entertaining. We watched it everyday, and actually started quoting it. losers

Dog shit sign

Someone made this sign, colored the dog white, and colored the turd brown. Does this sign mean dogs are aloud to shit here?

Hole 5

Course looked good for the outting today

City Never Sleeps March 2007 demo

this is the demo we recorded before Claycreek. I havent heard this CD since around the time we recorded it. For some reason spencer and I decided to listen to it a few days ago, just to see how it sounded. Wow.... Pictures Places Robots, and Pictures Mean Something (something) are still sooooo good. This time, This tragedy is ok.. the vocals are off in some places, but the songs ok. If you want it, download it... its kinda good

Monday, November 23, 2009


found this sign while we were cutting some trees down.
I dont understand why this no trespassing sign has so many words on it, it seems like a strict grandmother made it. I guess "do not enter" wasnt informative enough.


they just signed to rilo kileys first label Barsuk. Singer sounds a lot like ben gibbard but I think thats a good thing. Its a really enjoyable release, no songs stand out as trash, every track is enjoyable. The album is all acoustic, really light drums, but it works really well for this release. Songs are written so good I feel like a jerk posting the full album. Im most def buying the cd, you should too... rules so hard

Crazy Cremations
"Each of our services are built around a beautifully choreographed fireworks display. Using proprietary technology, the cremated remains are loaded into specially modified fireworks shells by our licensed and highly trained staff. Fired into the sky as a part of the service, the cremains are scattered within the brilliant colors and patterns of the fireworks display. The service will include over 200 fireworks shells."
"Never forget a face. Personal urns are a new and exciting way to memorialize your loved one. Now we can create a custom urn in the image of your loved one or favorite celebrity or hero. Personal Urns combine art and the very latest in technology to create a family heirloom that will be cherished for generations."
the one thing I dont understand is this line

"Now we can create a custom urn in the image of your loved one or favorite celebrity or hero."

celebrity? or HERO? If your loved one died and he loved kid rock, why would you get a kid rock head?

DrawingD**** website

Theres a website in production my friend brett is working on, were you just go on and draw dicks. Its not a secure site yet, so I cant give the website out. But I've seen some drawings people have done and some are intense!
Those two arent as bad as some of them on there. I think its a weird idea, but its original. The format is like MSPaint so it only takes a few mins to draw a dong and post it up. I drew this one.. Its really hard to draw with this shitty laptop so its not as good as it could be.


I went to the Doctors to discuss the cat scan they took. They said I dont have cancer, hepatitis, or diabetes. They said my cat scans surprisingly came back normal... sweet.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Teen Rebelion

I was watching this Nightmare on Elm Street 2 : Freddy's Revenge at work. This scene came on, and it seemed alittle out of place in a horror movie.

not only is the main actor bad, but the movie is the worse in the series.

:50 seconds

The red haired girl that comes in at the end of the video looked so familiar. Then it hit me...Pam from Seinfeld. This is the episode when kramer is a real cock blockin asshole and tries to steal Jerrys girlfriend away from him.


I took an old broken bedknife from one of our mowers and made this. It works better than the real machete we have. The only problem is the grip I made was out of rope and black electrical tape, so it gives no support from the impact.. still rules though

Portable Grindhouse

Its a book thats coming out that has a lot of the VHS artwork from old horror movies.I think thats pretty awesome, It would be a really swell coffee table book. Being a kid I remember one horror movie VHS cover.I never rented it, never wanted to, but I always wondered what the hell was going on and why the noose ponytail never caught on.

Monday, November 16, 2009

History Ends

My friend just bought a house.. thats gnarly in it self. The other cool thing is that its historic as fuck. All the walls were plaster with horse hair and It was built in the 1800s. The people before were trying to keep a historic landmark, and keep it original. Well, to bad historians.he knocked all the plaster off and is going to dry wall it. I'll post more pics of it later.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2/No Posts

its addictive. Sorry for not posting, Im really missing posting on this thing, but I've been so tapped out of Ideas... I suck... plus laptop bites.. oh well. will be posting more soon

Old John Bowes Package

I thought this was funny, so I scanned it. The one he sent on Christmas was better cause dave heck wrote on it as well.
good times... weed tour.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Attn: Landon

We were cleaning the shop one time back in the day and this guy that I used to work with went for the broom I was using, and without hesitation we both re-enacted this scene.

as soon as I spun him into the wall, we started laughing. I know no one cares but I just thought of it.

Friday, November 6, 2009


seller is on drugs.

I already gotz mine. The books are ok, I think another DVD would have been more enjoyable instead of scanned pictures and typed out tegan and sara conversations...

90s Keychain

Paper Town of the Pine Barrens

My dad got this book I guess back in the 70's. Its pretty much a history of the pine barrens
it has pictures of Batsto from back in the early 1900's, and pictures of a little paper mill town that is now only rock foundations. Its mostly history, population reports and and things like that.. but its still a gnarly book

T2 trading cards

I found these yesterday in my attic. My brother collected baseball/basketball/hockey cards, I on the other hand collected Terminator2/Mad Magazine trading cards. I scanned some, the funniest caption is the one on the top right. I laughed.
sounds like an ACDO song title

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Two people no one should care about anymore

Who mike jones? Who mike jones? Who cares... totally busted him


I was looking for mike jones pictures and found this guy named mike jones. He tried selling this picture on ebay for 500$
what a steal.

gnar blog

people making their own zines, artwork and things like that. kinda cool. seamus submit yours.

the blog also has a bunch of polaroids too

Wooden Birds.

kinda catchy.. sounds like a weak version of death cab.. its still good though

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes of Hell from Tegan and Sara on Vimeo.

Vienna = Liverwurst

Always hated vienna sausages, but my brother was eating them on crackers and I tried them.
I really enjoy liverwurst, I had no clue that these things taste just like that. I thought yuck, but it turned yum. again... who cares

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Frankie Martin

shes done work with Eric Wareheim. I dont know shes really avant garde.. I mean I think thats a really stupid classification of someone, but shes seriously weird. this video is super weird, I guess she does these performances called "freakouts" honestly.. they're fucking freakin me out

its kinda cool to see people still doing their own kind of art.. how lame that sounds... its still gnar and I enjoy.
whoa spencer... fix gear

Frankie Martin Art
Frankie Martin Website

Spagett Poster For Sale

Buy Here

Absolut Vodka TIM ERIC ZACH

*best one*

"well I say we toast to cooling off... because theres cubes in here.. whats gonna cool us off? ok, hello, the drink we're drinking, knock knock."

"may want to check the expiration date on that, that stuff can rot on you"

These are old.. but I know some people still havent seen them. The first one rules... enjoy




Shooting while preg

does the gun shot affect the baby? the myth was stupid, why did she even need to shoot? killmyself.

Hospital Convo

spencer: on any meds bro
me: yea they have me on a blood thinner, blood pressure medicine and valium
spencer: really
me: yea they know Im from beverly hills and that I cant deal with the prices on rodeo drive

Woke up one morning

saw fred rogers chatting with this young honky
then they episode ever

Boondock Saints 2 Trailer

I want to see it... but... meh

Rain Pics

when it rained two weeks ago I took pics of flooded areas in Absecon

Faunce Landing
White Horse Pike

Out of the Hospital

Thank you to everyone that stopped by, called, texted, or posted... in all honesty it really does mean a lot. It was a bad experience and I hope it never happens again. I never want to be in a bed stinking (thank you heather for the sponge bath offer) not being able to move with out caring around an IV. I was on the third floor for the first 4 days (I think) but was moved to the second floor later. I smelled so bad, every nurse that came in I apologized for smelling so horrible. They said they smelled worse, and I told them they were lying. This was my roommate, He kept talking to himself, he would rip out his IV's and just walk outside to smoke, or get a cup of coffee. He was a nice guy but his care level was nil. He started to become normal my last day. But whatever, Im out.. im ok... lets pray... and hospital food is good for the first few days, but after 5 days it makes you sick. Brett I have your laptop. Spencer brought me a charles bukowski book. I always hated him, but I read this line:

"Poem For My Daughter"
maybe some day she will bury me
that would be very nice
if it weren't a responsibility

Made me realize little things like that make me enjoy what people write. A lot of it was not good, but little things like those lines rule. Well the Artie Lange book was good, didnt get to finish, but enjoyed. If anyone has any questions.. post em.. I'll answer them.


I saw the infomercial for this. Its an all in one silk screener. If your doing like a one color quick print, or a one time only print... this thing is fucking awesome. hey john bowes.. your fucked

5 Main leak... three-peat

This happened obviously before I went into the hospital. The leak we knew wouldnt hold actually held all summer and just gave out 2 weeks ago. We fixed it alittle better but still had the same problem as last time... getting the extension piece over the existing 4 inch pvc. Who cares.
praying to lords

Rule #4

thats serious shit... My nephew is taking karate.. I saw this sign while I was watching him daniel larusso kids. I guess the real fight is in the bathroom

Sweet Lid Brah

someone made this hat. someone loved this hat so much they actually have a return address under elvis....stolen? kept