Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Out of the Hospital

Thank you to everyone that stopped by, called, texted, or posted... in all honesty it really does mean a lot. It was a bad experience and I hope it never happens again. I never want to be in a bed stinking (thank you heather for the sponge bath offer) not being able to move with out caring around an IV. I was on the third floor for the first 4 days (I think) but was moved to the second floor later. I smelled so bad, every nurse that came in I apologized for smelling so horrible. They said they smelled worse, and I told them they were lying. This was my roommate, He kept talking to himself, he would rip out his IV's and just walk outside to smoke, or get a cup of coffee. He was a nice guy but his care level was nil. He started to become normal my last day. But whatever, Im out.. im ok... lets pray... and hospital food is good for the first few days, but after 5 days it makes you sick. Brett I have your laptop. Spencer brought me a charles bukowski book. I always hated him, but I read this line:

"Poem For My Daughter"
maybe some day she will bury me
that would be very nice
if it weren't a responsibility

Made me realize little things like that make me enjoy what people write. A lot of it was not good, but little things like those lines rule. Well the Artie Lange book was good, didnt get to finish, but enjoyed. If anyone has any questions.. post em.. I'll answer them.

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HeatherFe said...

Hooray! Death 0, Jay 1! haha morbid sry.