Wednesday, January 30, 2013


 "at last, a protective strip that's made in your shade!"

I bought these from the .69$ store, I dont know how to feel about this product
"ebon-aide is the bandage exclusively designed for people of color."

I think this its alittle racist

Goodwill finds

didnt buy
 did buy
the book came out in 1983 and it talks about hackers and online dating. I think thats pretty crazy. .49$ so I bought it, meh

Collectibles Store [White Horse Pike]

Went into this store for the first time, they had some crazo shit.
I think the staples and the paper plate backround make it look cheap and shitty. 350$? nah...
gator bag

Genuardi's *CLOSED*

I took these pictures during their last few days. I loved this store, the hours and the products. Everything they carried was a little more expensive but it was all worth it. Sad to see it go

Marsh School Time Capsule

I remember being there when we put stuff in, I dont remember anything we put in.


Twelve Steps Sign Language

When I bought this, I thought I was buying a learn sign language vhs set, sponsored by Alcoholics Anonymous.
But instead, Its a book on tape for deaf people


This guy came to the course trying to help us with our goose problem. He says he does it as a hobby.
Ended up just killing ducks
The two times it killed a duck I didnt see it. crazy hobby

It Came With The Frame

old teens
odd son 

Grill Lord

Shore Mall [ Jan 30 2013 ]

the information desk said tomorrow is the official last day but she also said that some stores leases are longer than others so theyll still be there

Joan Cusack [babe]

Have you ever seen the movie Toys?
No? I didnt think so. I bought it the other day at goodwill and we're watching it at work. I remember the NES game and remember when it came out but never had a desire to see it. Joan Cusack is a babeliax babe in these scenes
sad thing is... the movie is kinda funny.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bathroom Disciples

Moes bathroom

Kimmi Gibbler

Ronnie Mund Block Party

A lot of stern staff .. a lot. Will, Teddy, Jason Kaplan, Tracey Milman (Ya douche), High Pitch Eric, Scott The Engineer, Shuli, Ronnie, JD, Rachel Fine, Richie Wilson, Sal, Richard, John Hein, Jim Florentine, Sour Shoes and Maddog Mattern. Medicated Pete wasnt on stage
stand-up of Florentine and Maddog werent that bad. Shuli wasnt bad, had a few funny things but not as funny as the others. They kept saying it was a train wreck but it was so smooth, everyone knew what to do and played off each other well. I didnt see any faults except for the fucking waste of life Brian Phelan walking on stage and being useless. 
 I met Medicated Pete.. thats about it...he didnt smell