Sunday, May 29, 2011

music site

A big thank you Brett Kaplan! He made this so I can host all the songs I do or have done. I really appreciate it. Check back for more updates soon.


broke the new grill in.
biggest piece of dog shit I ever used.40 dollar trash from big lots... DO NOT BUY

Fat Head [Movie]

This guy disproves the entire movie Supersize Me. I didnt watch the entire thing, but I watched 75% of it. I think its awesome how he talks shit about Spurlock and talks about how he and the doctors lied to the people watching. Give it a chance and watch it, its on Netflix

Golden Nugget taking over Trump Marina

they just changing shit side.. no destroying... just switching....lame.

Book Of Mormon [musical]

I heard in interview with Trey Parker and Matt Stone on NPR 2 weeks ago. Download the NPR Interview:

NPR Trey Parker Matt Stone Book Of Mormon.mp3

They talked about how they did this musical and how they have 14 Tony nominations. The interview is really awesome.

In the NPR interview they played some songs from the musical and I got hooked. I actually bought the cast recordings off iTunes. Such a loser, but the songs are catchy, I cant get them out of my head... really aggravating.

Book Of Mormon Cast Recording mediafire.
download now before deleted. [not my link]

two by two


turn it off

not a fallon fan but this is kinda funny

Hands down....Bad Choice

pull the trigger... worst friend everthats all Im saying on the matter

Boardwalk Fries Employee

old indian guy, sleeping with this shoes off...employee of the fucking month.

Big star

I guess this kid was tryna be a celeb and got some head shots. Well hes a nobody, I guess his grandmom died and they put her stuff including this picture at Goodwill.

Thanks for the Cupcakes!
I always knew I was your
favorite grandchild.

Andrew - Chicken Wing

Chicken Wing Chicken Wing
Hot Dog and Bologna
Chillen With My Homie
Chicken Macaroni

You're Hiding
Some Where Deep
In the scary place
you think Im gonna get scared

I see bats
In a tunnel
this kid thought he was the best
when he was hiding in an old hotel

Chicken Wing Chicken Wing
Hot Dog and Bologna
Chillen With My Homie
Chicken Macaroni

Chicken Wing Chicken Wing
Hot Dog and Bologna
Chillen With My Homie
Chicken Macaroni

He sang me the hook and I told him I would help him make it into a song.

Doctor Office Convo

Nurse: Ok Im going to try to move your hair so when I pull these off it doesnt hurt
Me: Whatever I can take it
Nurse: You sure
Me: Yea.. I got out of work and had to take shower today
Nurse: You didnt put body lotion on did you?
Me: Thats a very odd question to ask someone of my size and with this amount of body hair.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Trapper Caught a Muskrat

Cookie Cramming

cramming cookies in an old mans mouth

Tarp Trick Dump Truck

We dont have a dump truck so I came up with a trick so we can dump things. Lay a tarp out
fold it over
lay a chain or a tow cable across the middle
fold that over with the ends of the wire hanging out
place in the back of the truck with the wires hanging out the back
when the back is filled with wood chips or debris, place the ends of the chain on a cart or skid steer and drag out the tarp. Its probably common sense...whatever...wanna fight about it?

Easy Surf

1996 internet provider...trash
this companies dog shit site is still up


I felt pretty terrible not being able to get them something nice for their wedding, so I got them something I hope they'd enjoy for their anniversary... and they really enjoyed it.
This was done by FLY at the Shore Mall in New Jersey. He did an amazing job.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Whitehorse Pike Car

They were all over the back window too.

Old entrance to the Ancora Mental Hospital

Sandcastle Cupcakes Updates

Check It

No War-ren Iraq

Here are some pictures of my brother when he was in Iraq and on the Syrian border

Jay and Seamus-Stop Puttin Words In My Mouth [EP]

Stop Puttin Words In My Mouth [EP]
1. Seamus- The Faster You Go (Jay)
2. Seamus- ABC Gum (Jay)
3. Seamus- Jumped (Jay)
4. Seamus- N/A
5. Jay- Stick (Seamus)
6. Jay- TV (Seamus)
7. Jay- Cartoon Wolf (Seamus)
8. Jay- I Rained I Poured (Seamus)

This is another project I was apart of. These were the rules for the release:

1. Write 4 songs
2. Under 1 min
3. Have to use the other persons lyrics/words/poetry/storys

Well this was supposed to be released in January but Seamus only did 3 songs. I hate to be a jerk, but I just want it to be released.


saw this at goodwill..
Talk, Sing to your baby and record its womb sounds...Mozart CD included! hell yea

Salems Mystery Magic Bubble Gum

I could not find any info about this gum. The only thing I found was a product alert from July 2000. They're selling this at the .69$ store now...the mouth opens and the candy pours out looks like the cats barfingmaybe thats why it didnt do so well.

Nightmare on Elm Street 5 [SCREENER VHS]

Everyone knows that Dream Warriors is hands down the best Nightmare on Elm Street. This is most def the second best. I used to have a friend that worked at a movie rental place and he would get these screeners all the time.
The whole idea behind these videos is to let the retailer watch the movie ahead of everyone else. If the retailer thinks the movie is going to do well, he places a bigger order for the movie.
I guess they thought adding a music video would really sweeten the deal.
This video had a Marketing video ahead of the movie. It was terrible but really interesting. It had this guy showing the movie posters, cardboard cut outs and and stickers the retailer would recieve if he decided to buy copies of the movie. Heres the end of the promo when his receptionist talks
19.95$ for VHS... those were the days
todays screeners dont look like this, they now just scroll along the bottom saying that its property of whatever company.
this was only shown at the beginning and the end. If anyone wants me to rip the entire marketing video, please post a comment and I will. Thanks [website]

This thing is fucking awesome. I guess they started it May 2010. You can see traffic to your blog in days, weeks, months and all time. They also have a feature that lets you look at traffic to your site in real time.
they also let you see where people are coming from, what internet browser they're using and what operating system.
this is the overview of all time... I must have made some good posts in December 2010
its a free program... just goto enter your blog sign in information and it adds it to your "blog dashboard" under "stats". Rules